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Inspiration » Photography » 5 Unique and Affordable Wedding Photographers in Kansas City

5 Unique and Affordable Wedding Photographers in Kansas City

by Joy Editors
5 Unique and Affordable Wedding Photographers in Kansas City

At Joy we know that engagement and wedding photos play an important role in showcasing your celebration of love! Whether you want to use engagement photos for your invitations, on your Instagram, or on your wedding website, we’ve got your photography needs covered. And to help you capture the big day, we’ve found some excellent wedding photographers all over the America and the world we want to share with you. We recently turned our attention to the “City of Fountains.” Here are five of the most unique and affordable wedding photographers in Kansas City!


Alex Marie Photo Co.

alex marie wedding photos kc

With a passion for shooting romantic, moody photos of super-in-love couples that aren’t afraid of being themselves, Alex Marie Photo Co captures what makes each wedding day different and unique. Their top priority is to tell a story through their photography. Looking at their portfolio, it shows that no two weddings they shoot are the same. According to them, it’s because the couples they shoot are all completely unique.

alex marie photo co kansas city

“For anyone that wants to go with us, we want them to know that we want to have you not only as clients, but our friends too. This really helps us capture their day because we know each one of the couples personally instead of it being just a business interaction.”

Bonus: They offer 10% if you do engagement and wedding photos. And if you are one of the first 10 to use Alex Marie Photos, you get 10% off of the specific wedding package you choose!


Sara Reed Studios

sara reed wedding photos kc

Sara Reed Photography has a style that is timeless. “My approach to wedding photography combines documentary, lifestyle, and fine art to create a style that captures raw candid moments, but also gives direction to couples that might not be as experienced or comfortable in front of the camera,” she says. “I’m a fly on the wall and a production director at the same time. I am what you would call a ‘hybrid wedding photographer,’ meaning I shoot both in film and digital. Also, I am REALLY funny. So, if you like to laugh give me a call.” She adds, “I am REALLY into the minimalist style weddings. A clean, white venue with tons of natural light, greenery instead of floral arrangements, and simple wedding dresses. It gives me a blank canvas to work with, where I can make my bride and groom the stunning subjects.”

sara reed studios kansas city

Bonus: If you book your wedding with me, the engagement shoot is complimentary!

Juliana Noelle Jumper Photography

juliana noelle jumper photography kansas city

With an editorial perspective of intimacy—candid, artistic, and narrative—Juliana Noelle Jumper Photography strives to capture a subtle, sincere approach to sentimentality in a meaningful manner unique to each couple. Visually speaking the style is dark, ethereal, and contemporary—inspiration stemming from Juliana’s background in fine art and documentary film.

juliana noelle jumper wedding photos kc

“I’m very nontraditional as far as being a photographer, and tend to consider myself more of an artist. My education is in painting, and I take a lot of my stylistic inspiration from subjects such as Dutch still-life and experimental film. I tend to shy away from posing if possible and take more laid back roll while photographing; providing direction as needed, and capturing things as they occur.”

Bonus: Travels for shoots as much as possible. Usually about 4 to 6 hours max outside of my area (travel fees applying) but definitely not opposed to getting flown someplace much further for a shoot!

Behold Visual

behold visual wedding photography kc

Behold Visual’s work reflects candid moments and raw emotion with their simple and real technique that captures the true feelings of your big day.

behold visual wedding photos kansas city

“For us, these are more than just photographs. They are a visual representation of something MUCH bigger; a commitment, a vow, and the beginning of a lifelong adventure. We love what we do not only because it’s super fun for us, but because we get to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Through our own experience with love, we have walked through many mountains and valleys. We believe it should all be celebrated”.

Bonus: If you mention seeing us in this article, we would love to give you 10% off a wedding package!

Lacey Rene Studios

lacey rene photography kansas city

A natural light photographer, Lacey Rene Studio’s photography style comes alive while surrounded in natural light and beauty. She joyfully and carefully serves each of her couples, crafting light & language together to help tell their story. She encourages her couples to use their unique identity to make their wedding their own, by finding unique locations or venues that have special value to their story as a couple. Want to hike 5 miles to the waterfall where you had your first date? Lacey is happy to make that trip to capture that perfect moment.

lacey rene wedding photos kc

“Just as your story is unique, your wedding should be unique as well!”

Bonus: “The majority of my couples are based in the Kansas City area which I love, however being a pilot’s daughter, the travel bug is alive and well inside me! I’ve shot weddings on the beaches of California and Florida as well as traveled back to Saint Louis (where my husband and I lived before we settled in Kansas City)! I grew up in Colorado so the mountains hold a special place in my heart.” (Read: If you’re getting married there, hook a sista up!)


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