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Bridal Emergency Kit Infographic

by Aubrey Bach
Bridal Emergency Kit Infographic

Weddings are full of magic and love and unicorns and cake, and those are all good things. But sometimes, unicorn horns snag expensive lace bridal gowns and frosting stains chic champagne-colored bridesmaid dresses. (Magic and love, thankfully, don’t seem to cause many problems.) The point is, no matter how carefully you plan out every single detail of your wedding, little things may go wrong, so you want to be prepared with a bridal emergency kit. And if you are a bridesmaid researching how to prep for your BFF’s big day, coming prepared with these essential emergency supplies will go a long way toward you earning the official title of “Best Bridesmaid Ever.”

Our bridal emergency kit has everything your bridal party needs to ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch. We’ve got you covered with everything from back-up deodorant (to keep everybody smelling sweet) \ to safety pins and sewing kits (to fix any last-minute snags) to protein bars (so nobody gets hangry). By making sure that somebody in the bridal party has access to everything on this list (we suggest you share this post with your most organized bridesmaid), you can run interference on any last minute issues that might come up on the day of your wedding. We’ve included the tried and true and some bonus items that industry professionals recommended — like a crochet hook to make buttoning up bridal gowns a breeze, or a spare flask or bottle of champagne to calm nerves and encourage just the right amount of pre-party celebration.


Is there anything you would add to our bridal emergency kit? Have you ever been witness to a pre-wedding crisis that something on this list could have solved? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comment section below!

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