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Inspiration » Fashion » Decoding Men’s Wedding Ring Trends

Decoding Men’s Wedding Ring Trends

by Kirsty Wareing
Decoding Men’s Wedding Ring Trends

While engagement rings and women’s wedding rings get a lot of attention, bands for men can often get treated as an afterthought. Perhaps because much fewer men tend to wear jewelry on a daily basis, it is generally considered that the simpler the design, the better. With a recent influx of trends and influences, though, men’s wedding rings are getting a lot more interesting. If you’re looking for a men’s wedding ring with a bit of flair, consider one of these stand-out ways in which trend-setting grooms are expressing their style through the timeless tradition.

Rustic Textured Finishes

Texture is a subtle way to give a twist to classic gold or platinum men’s bands, opting for a textured finish brings a whole new effect to the piece. Whether through hammered edges, raised sections or a combination of more than one metal, these stylistic choices have bold personality and say something about the wearer. There are a ton of variations, and you can actually have fun trying on a range of different designs to figure out what works best for you.


Color and Shape

Photo Credit: Birks Collectio

Photo Credit: Birks Collection

Traditionally it’s been women’s engagement rings that feature diamonds and gemstones, but these are cropping up more and more in men’s styles now, too. Depending on the size and setting of the stones, they can be subtle or attention grabbing, seamlessly flush against the metal or prominently placed at the center. Colorless diamonds, black diamonds and blue sapphires are popular options, and the ways in which they are cut will determine whether they sparkle or simply bring a dose of color to the band. A black cobalt band is also an increasingly popular choice for men who don’t love the classic silver and gold options.

On-the-go Options

Photo Credit: Thunderfit

Photo Credit: Thunderfit

Not everyone is prepared to spend a lot of money on a wedding band – especially those who don’t already wear jewelry. There’s also a question of lifestyle: if you play a lot of sports or like to be outdoors for a lot of the time, it might not make sense to wear an expensive ring that could get lost or damaged. Silicone wedding rings are an affordable alternative that fit securely and can be worn around the clock.

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