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Inspiration » Invitations + Stationery » Essential Etiquette for Online Save-the-Dates

Essential Etiquette for Online Save-the-Dates

by Bailey Gaddis
Essential Etiquette for Online Save-the-Dates

While traditional save-the-date cards used to be the only way to go, an outpouring of beautiful digital designs, and a general preference for emails (instead of more mail to deal with), has made online save-the-dates a popular option. Not only is this digital card more cost effective, but it requires less work, and provides more flexibility if you make an error. However, because e-save-the-dates are a fairly new occurrence in the wedding realm, many couples are scratching their heads when it comes to email etiquette, design and wording choices, and more. We’ve taken all the common queries into consideration and crafted a guide to help you create the ideal e-save-the-date. 

What to Include


Let’s start with the foundation of your save-the-date. While many think they’d never forget important information on such a simple e-message, it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder, helping avoid the embarrassment of sending a correction.

Wedding date. The entire purpose of a save-the-date is for people to get the head’s up on your wedding date so they can block off that day or weekend. This is especially crucial if you’ll be having a destination wedding, requiring guests take off for multiple days. In the case of a destination wedding, include the date range for your wedding events.

The location. Whether you’ll be saying I do’s in your hometown, or on a beach in Bora Bora, it’s also important to tell your guests where they’ll need to travel, especially because your invitees are likely located in a variety of destinations.

Your names. This may sounds like a no-brainer, but beyond informing your email recipients who the save-the-date is from, there are possibly guests who have never met you or your fiancé, and this save-the-date could be the first time they learn it. Full names or first names only are appropriate.

Wedding website. If you’ve already created your wedding website, your electronic save-the-date is a great way to share it. Not only are your photos and proposal story fun for your guests to explore, but the additional information like accommodation options, travel recommendations, registry links, dress code and other details can help them prepare for your wedding as soon as possible.

Formal invitation to follow. Save-the-dates confuse some people, as they’re not sure if it’s the official invitation. Clear any confusion by making a note that a formal invitation will be sent at a later date.



Although e-save-the-date etiquette may seem obvious, these are fairly new wedding waters we’re treading, which means there are certain considerations you might not have considered that will help you avoid ruffling feathers.

When to send them. Send save-the-dates too early and guests might feel irritated that you’re asking them to commit to an event that’s so ridiculously far in the future. Send them too late and invitees could feel irked that you’re leaving them little time to plan. So what’s the sweet spot? For destination weddings, it’s best to send save-the-dates 10-12 months in advance, as people need ample notice if they’re going to plan a big trip. Local weddings require 4-6 months notice.

Alert certain guests to check their email. Some not-super-tech-savvy family members and friends may consider e-mail an afterthought, which is why you’ll need to give them a heads up (usually through a phone call) that you’ll be sending an important email. And just to make sure they don’t miss the information, you might as well double up and give it to them while you’re talking.

Select a design that reflects the style and level of formality you’re going for. Whether you’re having black tie nuptials in a church, a shoe-less beach ceremony or anything in between, shoot for selecting a design that emulates the ambiance you’re hoping to create on your big day.

Only send to people you’re sure you want to invite. Do not, we repeat, do not send e-save-the-dates to people you’re not 100% sure you want to send a formal invitation to. If someone receives your save-the-date, blocks that date on their calendar, and then doesn’t receive an invitation, there will be hurt feelings.

Proof read. Proof read your save-the-date a few times, and have at least two other people review it, to ensure you didn’t misspell anything, or provide incorrect information.

Don’t include registry information. While gifts are obviously an amazing perk of getting hitched, couples don’t want to seem to overeager about it, which is why it’s smart to leave registry information off the e-save-the-date. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to include registry details on your wedding website and invitations.

Don’t skip the save-the-date if you’re having a destination wedding. As we’ve mentioned, guests need plenty of notice for a destination wedding, which is why it’s best to get the save-the-dates sent as soon as you have a confirmed date and location. Don’t miss out on celebrating your big day with all the people you love just because you didn’t give them enough time to plan.


Benefits of E-Save-the-Dates

There’s a reason why more and more couples are opting out of traditional save-the-date cards, in favor of the online version: it’s way more convenient, affordable and time effective.

More convenient delivery. While designing an electronic save-the-date isn’t much different from designing a traditional one, the major perk comes with the delivery. Instead of having to collect the home addresses of all your potential guests, buying stamps, writing out all those addresses, placing the stamps, putting all the cards in the mail, and hoping they don’t get lost in transit, sending an e-card allows you to simply input the emails of all your invitees and press send. And if any can’t be delivered, you’ll be instantly notified. Easy.

Doesn’t hurt your budget. Having cards printed can be incredibly pricey, especially when you’re selecting an elaborate design. And then there are all the stamps, which aren’t cheap. On the flip side, sites like Joy provide numerous complimentary designs for electronic save-the-dates, and allow you to send them for free. And there’s no better price than free.

Efficient delivery. As we’ve mentioned, there are many more steps involved in sending a traditional save-the-date than sending the electronic version—all those steps take time. If you’re hoping to get your wedding information to your guests ASAP, there’s no quicker option than an e-card. And if heaven forbid there’s an error on the card, you can easily send a correction.



Although save-the-dates are pretty straightforward, it never hurts to have some examples. Here are a few samples, based on various types of weddings.

Destination Wedding Save-the-Date

Save the date for our Hawaii nuptials!

Sadie and John

Saturday, July 18th, 2019

Honolulu, Oahu

Find the deets on travel, destination, and wedding events here:

Formal Invitation to Follow


Religious Save-the-Date

Save the Date

Jason Miller and Jenna Lee are getting married!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

St. Peter’s Church

Houston, TX

[Optional: Religious verse of choice.]

For addition information, please visit:

Formal Invitation to Follow


Formal Save-the-Date

Save the Date

For the wedding of Mark Rugo and Kelly Sharp

Saturday, April Eleventh

Barton Creek Country Club

Austin, Texas

Formal Invitation to Follow


Funny Save-the-Date

Save the date for the best party you’ll ever go to, because…

Sarah and Eric are taking the plunge!


Somewhere cool in Santa Fe, NM

Check out something awesome here:

Keep an eye out for your formal invite!


Save-the-Date With Hotel Info

Miller Jones and Laurie Lewis

Are getting hitched in New York, New York

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Formal Invitation to Follow

A block of rooms have been reserved for our guests at The Plaza


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