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Your Wedding Registry: 5 Simple Tips for Creating and Sharing

by Jesse Long
Your Wedding Registry: 5 Simple Tips for Creating and Sharing

For many couples, having loved ones present is the most important part of their wedding day. If that sounds like you, a wedding registry may seem like an afterthought and you may not be too worried about what gifts your guests bring, if any. Tradition says that wedding guests bring gifts, however, and when it comes to weddings especially, tradition has a pretty strong hold on people. So your guests will probably bring gifts, registry or not. In fact, some guests may be quite unhappy if they can’t easily find your gift registry. Your wedding registry is really about making it easier for guests to pick a meaningful gift. In a way, you’re not so much doing it for your sake as for theirs! To help you get started, here are some tips for picking which registries to use, what items to add to them, and how to share them.

1. Make a wedding registry of things that you could really use

The point of having a registry, of course, is to let guests know what kinds of things you’d like to have. Moosehead bookends may be your aunt and uncle’s idea of a great gift, but if it isn’t yours, you may want to steer them in a different direction. But you also don’t want to add a bunch of stuff to your registry that you won’t use right away or you don’t have a place to store. A solution for this is to base your gift ideas on where you’ll be living after the wedding. If you’ll be moving in to a new place, there could be lots of stuff you really need. And even if you’ll be staying put where you’ve been living, you can take the opportunity to upgrade your old stuff.

2. Include items at different price ranges

Even if you think you don’t want guests to get you something that’s more expensive, some of them may really want to. Adding a few pricier items to your registry can make sure you gets something nice that you actually want and will use. Likewise, having useful but less pricey items on your registry allows guests who can’t spend a lot to be happy knowing they got you something you’ll actually use.

3.  Limit your registries to two or three

There are tons of options out there for creating online wedding registries. So many, in fact, that you may be tempted to sign up for a dozen of them. However, having lots of registries could end up being confusing for your guest (and you). While you can definitely go with a handful of registries if your needs are varied, it’s best to not overwhelm your guests. Remember, this is about making things easier for them!

If you don’t want to be limited to just one or two stores, universal registries are a great solution. A universal registry allows you to list items from lots of different stores in just one place. A great example is Blueprint Registry, which even allows you to add existing registries(and all their items) to your universal registry. Whether you’re looking for single-store or universal registries, check out these awesome registry suggestions to get you started.

4. Create a honeymoon (or new home, or renovation) registry

Instead of getting lots of smaller gifts, you may prefer that your guests help you realize your dream of honeymooning in an exotic location or putting a downpayment on a beautiful new house. This can work out great, just be sure that you make it completely clear to your guests. Some guests may still really prefer to give you a traditional gift, so also having a small registry for them is also a good idea. With a universal registry, you may also be able to host both a traditional registry and honeymoon registry in one place.

5. Tell guests by word of mouth and on your wedding website

Some of your guests will probably ask about your wedding registry early on, and you should feel free to tell them where to look as soon as you have everything set up. Creating registries earlier in the planning process and linking to them on your wedding website is a good idea just to have an answer to these questions when they come up. Traditionally, the rules of etiquette say you shouldn’t mention your registry in your invitations. You should, however, include a link to your wedding website. By the time you send out invitations, your guests should be able to find links to all of your registries there.

It will make your guests happy to gift you something meaningful, and the real point of a wedding registry is to help them out. Keep this in mind when setting up your registries, and both you and your guests will be happier!

Get Started – Add Gift Registries to Your Wedding Site

You can add links to your wedding registries to your Joy wedding site to make it easy for your guests to find them.

To add wedding registries to your Joy wedding site:

  • From your dashboard, select “Registry” from the event pages section.

registry event page

  • You’ll see your registries and an app preview on the right.

wedding registry page

  • You can add a registry note to your guests. To create or edit this note, click on the text in the “Registry Note” section.

add registry note

  • Click “Add” at the top of the page to add gift registries.

add wedding registry

  • You can choose to create a new registry with a service such as Blueprint Registry, or add a link to an existing registry.

wedding registry add existing

  • Once you’ve added a registry, guests can click the logo on your wedding site or app to go directly to it!

wedding registry preview

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