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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » Getting the Most from Your Wedding Website and App

Getting the Most from Your Wedding Website and App

by Allison Hata
Getting the Most from Your Wedding Website and App

A wedding website can be pretty much essential these days. Aside from being a place to share couple photos and the date and location of your wedding, it can actually be a very useful tool for helping your wedding day go smoothly. You can use your website to not only share info with your guests, but also allow them to RSVP and organize guest communication. All of these features can be even more convenient for your guests when combined with a wedding app! A wedding app allows your guests to have your wedding info easily available to them wherever they are and even share photos and RSVP. If you haven’t given much thought to your wedding site until this point, you may not know where to start. Here are the most important features you can include in your wedding website and app!

What you should include in your wedding website and app

Online RSVPs

Though you may prefer traditional paper RSVP cards, it’s a great idea to give your guests an online option for replying. And if you have an online RSVP option, you should make it easy for your invitees to respond from your wedding website. Provide a link to your online RSVPs and make sure it features prominently on the main page. The easier you make it for your guests, the faster you will get your responses! Check out or guide to RSVPs for more tips for getting quick responses. Using online RSVPs and a guest management tool can also make the whole process a lot easier. With a Joy wedding you can manage all of your RSVPs and guest communication in one place, and your guests will be able to access what they need through the Joy app.

Wedding Registry

Your guests will want to know how to find your wedding registries, and aside from asking you directly, your wedding website and app will be where they expect to find that information. You should include links and any instructions you want your guests to follow. Check out our guide to wedding registries for more tips!

Travel and accommodations info

Having travel information easily findable on your wedding website and app can really come in handy for your guests on the day of the event. If they forget the address of the reception or what time the shuttle leaves, they can just check the app instead of frantically calling you or other guests. 

If you’ve reserved a hotel block, it’s also a great idea to provide the necessary info on your website. Of course, it’s even more convenient if they can access all of the info through your wedding app! For more tips on what travel and accommodations info to include, click here.

Schedule and event info

Another essential item to include in your wedding website and app is your wedding schedule. Aside from letting your guests know the general structure of the wedding, you can provide details for each event. This way guests can easily check the address for the reception, the dress code, and dining options all in one place. Your guests can even use the schedule on your wedding app instead of printed programs. Check out our wedding schedule guide for more ideas!

What to expect

Your wedding website should have all the info your guests need to show up prepared to have a great time. Some of this may be covered in your schedule and travel info sections, but anything really important is probably worth having in more than one place on your site. A Q & A section is a convenient way to help guests find answers quickly and you explain the reasoning for child-free or unplugged events there. The right wedding website can also help you communicate with your guests in other ways. A guest management system like the one Joy offers allows you to easily email your guests and send them notifications through the wedding app. It can be the central part of your guest communication plan. It’s hard to overstate the convenience of being able to contact all of your guests at once!

Wedding story and personal touches

Of course, your wedding site shouldn’t be just business. It should also have a personal side. This is the place to really get creative. Include as much or little of this as you want—it’s really about celebrating your relationship in writing. You can include the story how you met, your proposal story, or fun facts. You can even include poetry, quotes, or anything else that captures the mood you want for your wedding.

Photo album

Speaking of capturing the mood you want, photos are a great way to express your relationship on your wedding website. With a photo album you can share your engagement photos and any images that have the look and feel you want for your wedding. Joy also allows your guests to share photos of your wedding as it happens. And you don’t have to worry about privacy, as you can easily set your photos to only be visible to you and your guests!

Your Wedding App

Especially on the day of, your guests are likely to be looking for info on their mobile devices. Having a wedding app is a way to make it easier for them! With the Joy wedding app, guests can easily access all of the info on your wedding website, as well as share moments and write in your digital guestbook. If you have a wedding app, your wedding website should include instructions for downloading it. To get the most out of a wedding app, it’s important that your guests know about it!

Get Started – Using the Joy App

The Joy wedding app is the most convenient way for your guests to connect to your wedding info from a mobile device. They can also use it to share their photos and connect with other guests! You can download the app for both for iOS in the app store and for Android through Google Play.

Check out the features of the Joy wedding app:

  • Your Joy wedding site automatically includes a link to download the app.

download wedding app

  • If you don’t see “Get Our App” in the website menu, go to the dashboard of your wedding site and check your settings. You can remove the link to your app from your wedding site, just make sure that it isn’t checked by accident if you want your guests to be able to easily download the app!

app link setting

  • Once you log in to your app, you will see your welcome page, including the countdown to your wedding!

wedding app welcome

  • You and your guests can also share to your guestbook directly from the welcome page! Click “Share something to our guestbook” to write a message or one of the photo options to share an image.
  • Guests can easily RSVP from the app! They can just click to let you know they will be attending, and if you have an event code, they can enter it for full access to your wedding site.

app rsvp

  • If you are logged in to your own wedding, you will see a list of options that includes a link to your admin dashboard and other admin features. You can also click to recommend Joy to others. It’s always appreciated 🙂
  • You can access your app menu by clicking the icon on the top left of the screen. From this menu you and your guests can access all of your wedding info and view the wedding moments everyone has shared.

wedding app menu

  • If you are attending another wedding, you can icon with the two arrows to switch between weddings.

app menu

  • As the owner of the site, you can make and announcement to all of your guests through the Joy app. It’s a fun and easy way to communicate with your guests. You can attach images too!

app announcement

  • You can even invite guests through the app using their contact name, phone number, or email.

app invite

  • The last item in the app menu is the feedback tab. Send us your comments or questions! We love to hear from you!

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