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Groom’s Emergency Kit Infographic

by Aubrey Bach
Groom’s Emergency Kit Infographic

Brides aren’t the only people who can have heart-stopping wedding day emergencies. For every broken heel or popped button that happens while the bride and her bridesmaids are getting ready, there’s a groom out there with a smashed boutonniere after an overzealous hug, a scuff on his shoes or the sudden panic attack that comes when you realize that nobody actually knows how to tie a bow tie. Well, groomzilla, there’s no need to cause a stir, because if you’re smart, you made sure that one of the dudes in your party saved this handy dandy little infographic and packed accordingly. Assign the groom’s emergency kit to one of your groomsmen and you’ll be able to survive shaving nicks, upset stomachs, and last-minute nerves (note that we include alcohol on the list) without blinking an eye.

This list has everything you need to make sure everybody is looking sharp, feeling good and well-fed before he walks down the aisle. Whether you’re a groomsman, the mother-of-the-groom or a bridesmaid who knows what the men will need better than they do, we hope that this helps your groom get hitched without a hitch.

groom's emergency kit

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