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Inspiration » Budget » 5 Ways To Save Money on Wedding Catering

5 Ways To Save Money on Wedding Catering

by Aubrey Bach
5 Ways To Save Money on Wedding Catering

Wedding planning is tough, especially if you have champagne tastes and a beer budget. But just because money is tight, you aren’t doomed to a cash bar! The team at Joy is here to save the day (and your bank account) with these five easy ways to save money on wedding catering. With some careful planning and smart decision-making, you and your spouse will be able to cheers to pulling off an affordable wedding.

money-saving wedding catering tips


Get creative! A multi-course seated meal is traditional, but does anybody really look forward to typical wedding food? Skip the seated meal (and the expensive wedding caterer) for a taco truck, your favorite fried chicken, or heavy appetizers and desserts to save money and delight guests.


Let’s face it — everybody loves dessert at a wedding. But even though wedding cakes can be beautiful, they’re pricey too. But have you ever attended a wedding where you traced your slice of cake from the time it was cut to the time you were actually eating it? Neither will any of your guests. You can save big money if you opt for a small decorative cake and have your baker supplement with a sheet cake that stays behind the scenes. Some vendors even offer fake styrofoam cakes that are just for show — it never hurts to ask.


No, we don’t recommend that you ask your guests to bring their own flasks (even though you might have a distant uncle who does that anyway). But if you find a venue that lets you to bring in your own alcohol — even if you have to have a licensed bartender serve the drinks — you’ll save money and have more control over what you serve.


Wedding toasts should be memorable, but they don’t have to be expensive. Champagne toasts are traditional, but they also require you to rent flutes, have servers pour champagne to each guest, and you often end up with a lot of wasted alcohol from guests who don’t care for champagne. However, if you don’t force bubbly on everybody and let guests toast with whatever they want, you’ll save on booze and stemware rentals.

5. K.A.S.S.

Keep Alcohol Simple Stupid! If you can’t afford to stock a full bar, skip it and stick to beer, wine and a signature cocktail or two. Fewer choices mean you can buy in bulk, and as long as their glasses are full, none of your guests will complain.


What’s your favorite money-saving tip for weddings? Let us know how you saved money on wedding catering on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or in the comment section below!

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