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Inspiration » Tips and Tricks » Unique Gift Ideas: Fluff Yeah

Unique Gift Ideas: Fluff Yeah

by Kelsey Vickers
Unique Gift Ideas: Fluff Yeah

How did you get into the cotton candy business? What sparked your inspiration?

Fluff Yeah was actually born out of a need from my own wedding last year. I knew that I wanted to provide an interactive dessert experience for guests at my wedding and wasn’t able to find anything that fit my vision perfectly. I ended up being somewhat disappointed in my dessert display at my own wedding because I felt like it didn’t capture my personality well. Fast forward, post-wedding, I decided to create an artisanal cotton candy company that was focused on providing a unique dessert experience for wedding celebrations! My overall goal was to create something beautiful, colorful and tasty for people to enjoy at celebrations!

What’s been your favorite experience since opening Fluff Yeah?

Every single day feels like a new and fun experience as we continue to launch different products, flavors, and gifts. I’ve really enjoyed being able to grow the custom label push pop portion of my business specifically because it allows me to work closely with the client’s vision and overall theme for their event. I love being able to bring unique ideas to life!

What is your favorite or most unique event you have made gifts for?

Honestly, I’m thankful for all the opportunities I have to work with clients on their events, it’s an honor to play a small role in their big celebrations. Recently, I worked with a bride to create cotton candy bombs for a mimosa bar at her Bridal Shower and that was a really fun opportunity. I enjoyed connecting with her to create the perfect flavors, colors and display for her big day.

What is the biggest day-of challenge, when preparing gifts for an event?

The challenge typically comes before the big day arrives. I want to ensure that my clients are happy with the product and/or service that we’re providing at their event. It’s important to level set and provide detail of what the product will look like beforehand so they’re happy and stress-free on the day of their event! Often times, I’ll meet with a client to provide samples of what they’ll be receiving before the event so they can provide feedback and the green light to move forward with their order.

What do you love most about creating gifts for events? Specifically, why do you love working with major milestones, such as engagements and weddings?

I believe in celebrating both the big and small things in life and I think that Fluff Yeah does a great job of supporting this. As I mentioned earlier, it’s an honor to be included in someone’s big day and it’s something that I’ll never take for granted.

What makes Fluff Yeah a unique addition to an event?

For over one-hundred years, people have been enjoying cotton candy in its classic-flavored forms. Fluff Yeah is unique because we’re taking a childhood favorite pastime and adding a twist to it with our special flavors and custom packaging – we’re creating experiences for people as they try something new but also familiar to them.

You don’t just do gifts, we hear you also work events! What type of occasions and events will Fluff Yeah work for?

Yes! Fluff Yeah just recently launched a cart service that allows us to spin cotton candy live at events. We’re able to support weddings, bridal showers or any type of event that is looking for a fun and tasty touch for their guests.

At Joy we believe that even though a wedding lasts a day, joy should last forever. What does that mean to you?

Your wedding day is typically a great, big, beautiful whirlwind accompanied by your favorite people and things. Although the day itself flies by, the joy and memories you keep from the experience continue to live on. Joy is what helps us get through both challenging and great times, and should inspire us to always keep going.

Interested in hiring Fluff Yeah for your next event? Contact them here or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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