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Inspiration » oregon » 4 Unique Wedding Photographers in Portland

4 Unique Wedding Photographers in Portland

by Katelyn Barthlome
5 Unique Wedding Photographers in Portland

If you’re getting married in Rose City, there’s no shortage of photographers to help you capture the moments of your big day. To help you get started finding the right one for you, we’re showcasing five of our favorite organic and unfiltered wedding photographers in Portland, Oregon.

Sean Carr Photography

Authentic and adventurous

sean carr photography portland wedding photographer

Sean Carr Photography loves capturing authentic moments.

His philosophy: “I love unique or adventurous weddings and above all encourage my couples to have fun. My photography is unique because I focus on authentic, candid moments you might otherwise miss. I love telling a story and letting the day unfold naturally.”

Favorite Wedding Trends: “Flower crowns and naked cakes will never get old to me. Elopements are another favorite of mine. They’re so intimate and you can photograph them in some really beautiful locations.”

sean carr photography portland wedding photographer

Bonus: Sean gives out free high fives and possibly bourbon!

Be sure to follow Sean on Instagram!

Indwell Weddings

Documentary, artistic, and romantic

indwell weddings porland wedding photographers

Their Philosophy: “We want you to actually have images that reflect what your day felt like and how your guests experienced your wedding without ever having manufactured any shot.”

What they want their clients to know: “We believe it’s more important to hire someone you trust and like as a person and not just because their photographs are beautiful. You will always remember how someone made you feel, and we go above and beyond to give our clients an insane amount of attention, love and quality in our work; and most of our clients end up becoming lifelong friends.”

indwell weddings portland wedding photographers

Bonus: Indwell Weddings can offer a free engagement session to anyone who books with them for their 2019 wedding!

Can’t get enough of their work? Make sure you’re following them on Instagram to see more!

Jasmine J. Photography

Organic, moody and intimate

jasmine j. photography portland wedding photographer

Her philosophy: “My goal with every shoot is to bring out the authentic versions of my couples so they can look at the photos and truly see themselves in them. I’m always trying to create images that make you feel something when you look at them.”

What she wants her clients to know: “This whole wedding journey should be easy and fun! My best advice is to choose a photographer that’s going to help make your day easy breezy and takes photos that you love. Those images are going to be there in 40 years reminding you of one of the best days of your lives and that’s kind of a big deal.”

jasmine j. photography portland wedding photographer

Bonus: Jasmine J. Photography is loving that couples are branching out with color palettes! She’s loving burnt oranges right now—so fun! Colored suits are also fun ways to mix it up.

Follow Jasmine on Facebook and Instagram to see more awesome work!

Alixann Loosle Photography

Raw, natural, documentary

alixann loosle photography portland wedding photographer

Seeing couples and families interact together is one of Alixann Loosle’s favorite things about her job.

Her philosophy: “I have a natural curiosity and interest in people. I love understanding each of my clients’ relationship, vibes, and family dynamic. I love seeing the way people live and peeking into their lives for a bit. I really love to show that vibe through my images and the way I shoot. I love feeling like I’m a part of their life, even if it’s just for a day. It helps me learn and grow in my own personal life.”

What she wants her clients to know: “Candids. I take a ridiculous amount of candid photos. I love capturing emotion, rather than stiff, posed images. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good portrait, but I want to feel like it’s real rather than forced. I allow a couple to interact and play with each other, but also casually ask them to look at the camera throughout the shoot. This tends to get a more genuine expression, rather than having me pose every single part of their body and making them hold that pose for house on end.”

alixann loosle photography portland wedding photography

Bonus: Alixann does offer discounts on engagement sessions if they are booked with a package. Other than that, she’ll sometimes run little specials.

Don’t forget to follow Alixann on Instagram and on Facebook!

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