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Inspiration » Wedding Party » Who are the Ushers?

Who are the Ushers?

by Ariel Dreicer
Who are the Ushers?

Ushers are usually close friends or family of the couple who aren’t groomsmen or bridesmaids. However, groomsmen can take on the responsibility if they aren’t busy directly before the ceremony. While they’re traditionally men, your ushers can be anyone special to you who is comfortable talking to people (and reliable enough to show up on time).

What do they do?

Ushers greet your guests, distribute programs, and show your guests their seats at the ceremony. They are the first faces your guests encounter as they arrive, and they can set the tone for the event to come. 

Do we need to have ushers?

Ushers play an optional, but useful role in the wedding party. You may want to have them if you have a large wedding, elderly relatives, or if there is some reason your guests need to be seated carefully (i.e. family drama). Having ushers is also a great way to honor important people who you didn’t include as bridesmaids or groomsmen.

How many should we have?

The general rule of thumb is 1 usher per 50 guests. But even if you’re having a small wedding, you might want to have a minimum of two so they can keep each other company.

While definitely not mandatory, having a wedding party is a great way to honor your most important people. Take some time with your partner to learn about the traditional roles of the wedding party. Think about if and how those traditions are important to you, and who you want to stand beside you on your big day. Then, by all means, make it your own.

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