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Vendor Spotlight: Bellagala

by Kelsey Vickers
Vendor Spotlight: Bellagala

What drove the start of your business?

Like most couples, my now-wife and I knew that we wanted something different, something unique for our wedding. Additionally, we wanted convenience. The traditional wedding resources, such as wedding magazines and websites, were helpful to a degree but we still had to make many calls and look at several sites—most of which did not give us enough information to make an educated decision! The more research we did, the more we felt like we were just spinning our wheels, getting nowhere. As busy professionals strapped for time, we found it hard to foster a passion for the wedding planning process. Simply put, we felt overwhelmed and uninformed. I thought to myself, there just had to be a better way to make the planning experience worth our time. Then it hit me! Let’s rethink the traditional wedding planning philosophy to deliver busy couples something that is worth their time. Let’s get newly engaged couples out of the “clutter business” and provide them with more power and greater value. My objective with Bellagala is to give couples all the tools and resources they need to make an informed decision. – CEO/Owner: Tim George

Describe your business model in one sentence.

Bellagala is an award-winning, national wedding service boutique, designed with couples in mind, to make wedding planning easier.

What’s been your favorite experience while working with wedding photographers?

Getting to see the passion that photographers bring to each wedding and each couple and seeing the creativity in the images that are presented to the couple!

What do you love most about being in the wedding industry? Why do you choose to work with weddings in particular?

We love being in the wedding industry. We are passionate about helping couples have their wedding that they’ve always dreamt of. We are honored that couples around the country have chosen to have us a part of one of their biggest days. The trends are always changing, but weddings are never going out of style!

What has been your biggest challenge while working with weddings and engagement sessions?

Not having them! I feel it is best and most helpful for the photographer/couple to have an engagement session. That way you are able to get to know the couple or get to know the photographer. You will get a feel for how your wedding day will be and you can see how the couple interacts with each other and how the photographer interacts with the couple.

What are your favorite wedding trends happening right now?

One of our favorite wedding trends that are happening now is the industrial, neutral palette vibe. We are seeing a lot of metallics and unique decor with our couples and are loving it! We also love the new dessert and food trend of having specialty food trucks cater weddings – such as an ice cream truck! 

At Joy we believe that even though a wedding lasts a day, joy lasts forever. What does that mean to you?

We couldn’t agree more. There is so much preparation and thought that goes into your wedding day, but ultimately, it’s about your love, your marriage and the JOY of what is to come! The wedding day is only the beginning and we love to be apart of that journey.

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Bellagala is located in Saint Paul, MN but also offer photography (and videography in many locations) in the following markets: Austin, TX | Cleveland, OH | Dallas, TX | Denver, CO  | Detroit, MI  | Houston, TX | Indianapolis, IN |  Kansas City, MO | Nashville, TN | Pittsburgh, PA | Philadelphia, PA | Phoenix, AZ | Raleigh, NC  | Seattle, WA

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