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Inspiration » Vendor Spotlight » Vendor Spotlight: Black Coffee Photo Co.

Vendor Spotlight: Black Coffee Photo Co.

by Kelsey Vickers
Vendor Spotlight: Black Coffee Photo Co.

How did you get into photography? Are you self-taught or formally trained?

I took photography classes in school but I got into wedding photography with the guidance of a mentor.

Black Coffee Photo Co.

Describe your style in one sentence.

Our style is moody and vibrant, focused on organic, candid moments.

What’s been your favorite experience as a wedding photographer?

This is tough, but I love getting to travel for weddings. Last year we went to Mexico and France. We have some upcoming weddings in California, Colorado, and Jamaica!

Black Coffee Photo Co.

What do you love most about photographing weddings? Why do you photograph weddings in particular?

Weddings, in general, have become a massive industry. We love to make our clients feel at ease with us, and in front of the camera to capture their love without it looking posed or forced. The level of trust and friendship we build with our clients means the world to us. We aim to take what has become a high-stress day and make it as relaxed and fun as possible for our couples!

Black Coffee Photo Co.

Where is the most interesting or unique place you’ve photographed a wedding? Was there anything especially challenging about it?

We have a wedding celebration this year that will take place at KC Autoworx, a local auto repair shop. It’s going to be a blast- the street will be closed off, food trucks will be there. The challenging part will be constantly adjusting to various indoor/outdoor lighting situations.

Black Coffee Photo Co.

Do you have a favorite, must-capture moment for every wedding?

Every wedding is extremely different and we try to capture the uniqueness of each day. We gauge the vibe to shoot and edit how the day *feels* rather than having one set style to generically represent everyone.

As a photographer, what has been your biggest wedding day challenge?

Generally, there is never enough time scheduled for portraits. We adore being able to get creative and have our couples and their wedding party laughing and having a good time – it goes by too quickly!

Black Coffee Photo Co.

What piece of advice would you give brides and grooms to ensure that they get wedding photos they love forever? (This can include tips about preparation, choosing a photographer, or anything else.)

You get what you pay for! Choosing a photographer is more than just choosing someone to take pictures. We wear so many hats! We help make sure the timeline of the day runs smoothly, we curl hair in a bind, we carry eyelash glue just in case, and we have an emergency wedding kit for any potential problem that can go wrong. We shoot on cameras that have dual card slots, our gear is well maintained and calibrated, and we back up our images to at least three places. We have 12 years of experience shooting weddings between the two of us, we continue to educate ourselves with workshops and working for other photographers, but most importantly, we genuinely care about our couples. We take the time to get to know our clients individually and their relationship together to fully understand their dynamic and vision for their wedding. By taking extra steps, we make sure our couples are at ease with us and in front of our cameras so they can truly enjoy one of the best days of their lives!

Black Coffee Photo Co.

What are your favorite wedding trends to photograph right now?

I’m so happy to see a lot of mid-century inspired design and decor making a comeback.

How do you think an app like Joy can help make weddings better?

Planning a wedding is a ton of work. Utilizing an app like Joy to keep all information in one place, optimize your guests’ experience, and show off your photos, makes your life a lot easier!

Black Coffee Photo Co.

If you weren’t a wedding photographer, what would you be doing?

I’ve always wanted to be a pilot.

At Joy we believe that even though a wedding lasts a day, joy lasts forever. What does that mean to you?

Weddings are a celebration of love. While relationships take hard work, your wedding day is there to capture the happiness and love of your friends and family. The food is consumed, the open bar closes, the dress doesn’t get worn again, but you will always have your pictures to fondly look back and remember the emotion of the day for the rest of your life, and pass those images on to more generations.

Black Coffee Photo Co.

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