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Inspiration » outdoor proposal » Vendor Spotlight: Luludi Living Art

Vendor Spotlight: Luludi Living Art

by Kelsey Vickers
Vendor Spotlight: Luludi Living Art

Describe your style in one sentence.

Chic, modern and sustainable green décor.

How did you get into arranging flowers?

After many years living in Paris and working in Corporate, I returned to the United States and realized everyone lives under fluorescent lights. Inspired by Patrick Blanc and the green walls he created, I launched Luludi (flower in Greek), to help bring nature indoors, artistically.

What do you love most about arranging for weddings?

The reaction from the celebrants when they see our arrangements. It is truly worth everything!

Where is the most interesting or unique place you’ve done flowers for a wedding?

A Steamboat. A super fun and very romantic venue, plus, they invited me along for the ride.

As a florist, what has been your biggest wedding day challenge?

Getting through the maze of security and hallways at Rockefeller Center to access the Rainbow Room.

What piece of advice would you give brides and grooms to ensure that they get the best flowers for their wedding?

Two suggestions. Do a little research before you have your first meeting to make sure your flowers are in season. Otherwise, it can get insanely expensive! Also, have 3-5 pictures of what you like with you.

What are your favorite wedding flower trends right now?

Terrariums, succulents, and air plants.

If you weren’t a florist, what would you be doing?

Teaching Yoga in Greece.

How do you think an app like Joy can help make weddings better?

Today, everything is online and needs to be instantaneously available and customizable. Joy does just that with beautiful templates and centralized organization.

At Joy we believe that even though a wedding lasts a day, joy should last forever. What does that mean to you?

Weddings are meant to be the start of a lifetime of joy together and help set the tone for a couple. If the planning of a wedding becomes too stressful the importance needs to shift to what is truly meaningful- the blending of two lovely people committing to spend their lifetime together, including all of life’s ups and downs.

You can follow Luludi Living Art on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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