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Inspiration » Tips and Tricks » Cheers! Wedding Bar Calculator Infographic

Cheers! Wedding Bar Calculator Infographic

by Aubrey Bach
Cheers! Wedding Bar Calculator Infographic

What’s a wedding without a little champagne? Whether you go with a full bar, stick to beer and wine, or have unique signature cocktails to represent every key moment of your relationship, choosing to stock the bar yourself can save you money in a major way. But knowing how much alcohol to buy for your wedding is tough. Buy too much and you’re out a bunch of the money you were trying to save. Buy too little and you’re going to have some seriously grumpy guests. But have no fear — Joy is here to save the day with this nifty wedding bar calculator infographic just for you!

Wedding Bar Calculator Infographic - Joy the App

Use this infographic to figure out how much beer your groomsmen will chug, how much champagne your bridesmaids will sip, and how much white merlot Aunt Matilda will throw back. This calculator will help you buy the right amount of alcohol to ensure that your wedding is merry (but not too merry, because you want to get that cleaning deposit back, right?).

And there is more to a good bar than just beer, wine and liquor. Use the checklist on our wedding bar calculator to make sure you have any garnishes you need for signature cocktails. (Because a Manhattan just isn’t a Manhattan without a maraschino cherry.) It also includes important details like ice, because your guests will need something cool off after the congo line.

Alcohol can be one of the bigger expenses in wedding planning, so let Joy’s team of experts help you cut costs. And remember to keep in mind that your guest list is unique – so the number of drinks you average per guest may vary.

Whether you stick to a simple champagne toast or go all out with a premium top shelf bar, stocking the bar yourself may save you some serious budget. Do remember to check with your venue first to make sure they allow it though. Some venues may require you to use an approved vendor, hire certified bartenders or pay extra insurance if you are stocking your own wedding bar.


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