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Inspiration » Photography » 5 of Our Favorite Wedding Photographers in Baton Rouge

5 of Our Favorite Wedding Photographers in Baton Rouge

by Katelyn Barthlome
5 of Our Favorite Wedding Photographers in Baton Rouge

At Joy we believe engagement and wedding photos play an important role in showcasing the celebration of love! Whether you want to use engagement photos for your invitations, Instagram or on your wedding website, we’ve got your photography needs covered. With that in mind, today we are bringing you 5 of our favorite wedding photographers in the Baton Rouge Area!


Laura Caraway Photography, LLC

Light and crisp.

Even if she’s not shooting film, Laura wants to mimic the look of film as close as possible because she wants her images to last her customers a lifetime.

Her Philosophy: “I don’t know how my images are ‘unique,’ but I want my clients to know that I strive to create consistent images that they will be able to cherish forever.”

What she wants her clients to know: “When a potential client looks at my work, they can be confident that I will put the same effort in their images because I know it is important to them. I’ve loved getting to capture the love and the happy memories that my couples experience. I love knowing that they will be able to look back at my images in the future and experience the same feeling later that they are feeling at one of the happiest times in their lives.”

Bonus: Laura offers wedding packages that will include an engagement session or bridal session or both. It saves her clients money as opposed to booking everything separately!

Be sure to follow Laura’s work on Instagram, Facebook, and on Pinterest!

Brass & Twine

Warm and relaxed.

Brass & Twine’s editing style is warm, relaxed, and rich in color and tones.  

Her philosophy: “I shoot all my couples as if they were me and my husband.”

What she wants her clients to know: “I love how couples are leaning away from the big cake table faux-toasts and asking their friends to give real toasts instead. I love when couples choose their own locations!”

Bonus: Brass & Twine has included complimentary engagement sessions with every wedding booking!  It’s so important for them to spend a little time together with you before your wedding day and an engagement session gets you comfortable with both Courtney and her  camera!

Go follow Brass & Twine on Instagram —you won’t regret it!

Justin Lee Burr

Playful and full of movement.

His philosophy: “I love the posed stuff, but the candid pictures just have so much more emotion!I want to make the whole process as easy as possible.”

What he wants his clients to know “I know that getting your pictures done can be stressful and I want to do everything I can to lessen that stress as much as possible. Seeing two people commit their lives together. I feel so honored that people would choose me to document these precious memories.”

Bonus: Justin is currently offering 10% off all wedding and session packages!

Want to see more work from Justin? Go give him a follow and like on Instagram and Facebook!

Mary Covington Photography, LLC

Bright and natural.

Her philosophy: “I pride myself on getting my pictures “right” in-camera. My goal is to keep my images as true to my surroundings as possible—so that when my clients look at their images, they can see themselves as they were that day.”

What she wants her clients to know: “I always tell my clients not to pose. I’ll give them a position to start with, but will just tell them to interact with each other, not necessarily the camera. Time and time again my best shots from sessions have been those candid, in-between moments. I want my clients to be having so much fun together that they forget that I’m there. I’m a sucker for succulent bouquets.”

Bonus: Mary offers a free engagement session with her 8-hour wedding package. It’s a great way for her to get to know her clients before the big day!

Be sure to follow Mary on Instagram!

Christi Childs Creative

Candid and laidback.

Her philosophy: “The brides I really work well with are laid back, fun loving, relational babes, having intimate and/or destination weddings. Honestly, it’s not about the location. my favorite experience is just documenting two people who are wild about each other and want to remember it forever. I only take on a limited amount of weddings a year so I can give each bride 100%.”

What she wants her clients to know: “I’m not for everyone, and everyone is not for me. I do my utmost to not only give my clients the most gorgeous images that really capture the feel of their day, but I fight to preserve the day as it unfolds. It’s not a day that is all about me turning it into a photo shoot (although the pictures look SO pretty and there is some post directing that goes on) or making your wedding looking like everyone else’s wedding (Can we just do away with the fake-zipping-up-the-dress pictures already?!?) I strive to really encourage my bride babes to LIVE their day 100%. Wear a dress you can dance in. Wear makeup you can kiss in. Plan a day that allowed for flexibility for what matters most. Also, I should warn any potential brides, that I do end up becoming longtime friends with a large majority of my clients…. I’m more of  a ‘frendor’ then a vendor.”

Bonus: Christie works really hard to make the numbers work where she can give her brides 100%, and make her life and business run. If she could give a discount, she would just lower her prices 🙂

Don’t forget to follow Christi’s work on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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