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Inspiration » oregon » 5 Joyful and Focused Wedding Photographers in Atlanta

5 Joyful and Focused Wedding Photographers in Atlanta

by Katelyn Barthlome
5 Joyful and Focused Wedding Photographers in Atlanta

Atlanta is a city that’s full of artistic energy. It makes sense, then, that the ATL is home to more than its fair share of great photographers. If you’re looking for just the right one for your wedding, though, we’re here to help. Without any further ado, here are five of our favorite wedding photographers in Atlanta!

Melissa Artieda Photography

Natural and focused in emotion

melissa artieda photography atlanta

Melissa Artieda Photography is an Atlanta-based wedding photographer who tries to portray everyone’s unique story through her photographs.

Her Philosophy: “I feel that my focus on emotion is what makes me different. I treat each engagement session or wedding differently. It’s all about capturing the highs and lows and the raw emotion that we express as humans. ”

What she wants clients to know: “I try not to focus on trends. But, I think something that’s growing as a ‘wedding trend’ is to be unique and show the couple’s personality. For example, the last wedding that I photographed in Atlanta featured the couple walking through light sabers during their send off. I’m sure all the Star Wars fans would have appreciated that wedding. I really enjoy getting to know my clients through their choices.”

melissa artieda photography atlanta

Bonus: Melissa will travel anywhere to photograph love!

Find her on Instagram and Facebook!

A+A Creatives

Genuine, authentic, candid

a+a creatives co atlanta

Their Philosophy: “When you hire us, you’re allowing us to capture your story, whatever it may be. We really find a lot of happiness in photographing the feeling of a day. Will we stage photos for you? Definitely. Will we make sure to take the standard family photos/ring shots/guest photos? Absolutely! But we also want to surprise you in the little moments we capture in between and we want you to enjoy your special day.”

What they want clients to know: “We DON’T want you to feel like you were on a long, draining photoshoot. If you feel like that, then we haven’t done our job. We want to be your friend and we want you to feel fully comfortable with us so that we can capture your authentic love! We have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph weddings of many cultures and styles. We LOVE getting to see every person’s unique history, background, style come out on their wedding day and we love to capture it!”  

a+a creatives co atlanta

Bonus: When you book A+A Creative’s photo/video combo package, you get a free engagement shoot!

Want to see more of their work? Be sure to check out their Instagram!

RebeccaMarie Photography

Romantic, with a lifestyle approach

rebeccamarie photography atlanta

RebeccaMarie Photography likes to bring out the best personalities in a couple. 

Her Philosophy: “Finding ways to make couples relax and create a natural and romantic atmosphere is key to a gorgeous photo. I give direction but let couples in a way pose themselves with suggestions, which is a fun approach for them.”

What she wants clients to know: “My photography is unique because I love a mix of film and digital with my own style.  I like to inspire myself to try a technique or style that suits the client in the moment. I think trends come and go, and I want to create something classic and timeless.  But I have had clients who request a trend and I like to accommodate!”

rebeccamarie photography atlanta

Bonus: RebeccaMarie Photography offers a complimentary engagement session with each booked wedding, which helps the couple get used to the camera and creates the start of a fond friendship.  During low season she offers $200 off packages for her clients.

Be sure to follow her work on Instagram, Pinterest, and on Facebook!

Authentic Collective

Warm, candid and authentic with an artistic edge.

savannah avril photography atlanta

Authentic Collective believes in in creating eternal moments, not photographs.

Their Philosophy: “Being able to beautifully document the best day of couples’ lives and give their memories back to them means the world to me! I focus a lot on capturing couples’ true emotions through my photography.”

What they wants their clients to know: “I know that your favorite photo will be the one where you can clearly see how much you love each other, so that’s what I strive to do!”

savannah avril photography atlanta

Bonus: Authentic Collective offers free engagement sessions with many of their wedding collections!

Follow her on Pinterest and Instagram!

Sarah Joy Photo

Joyful, authentic, and bold

sarah joy photo atlanta

Her Philosophy: “My number one goal truly is to capture genuine moments and I want that to be portrayed in my work. Every session looks different.”

What she wants clients to know: “Some couples might naturally exude laughter and playfulness, so that’s what I strive to capture. Some may be more reserved and soft spoken, so I’m not going to make them run around and pick each other up, etc. It’s my job to capture each individual couple’s love story and personalities, not to manipulate it into something that’s trendy. My number one goal in my work is to genuinely capture a story.”

sarah joy photo atlanta

Bonus: All of Sarah Joy’s wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session!

Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram and Facebook!

Whichever photographer you choose, your Joy wedding site is the perfect place to show off your amazing photos!

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