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Inspiration » Photography » 6 of Our Favorite Down-to-Earth Wedding Photographers in the San Jose Area

6 of Our Favorite Down-to-Earth Wedding Photographers in the San Jose Area

by Katelyn Barthlome
6 of Our Favorite Down-to-Earth Wedding Photographers in the San Jose Area

At Joy we believe engagement and wedding photos play an important role in showcasing the celebration of love! Whether you want to use engagement photos for you invitations, Instagram or on your wedding website, we’ve got your photography needs covered.

With some serious research, we have gone through and found 6 of Our Favorite Down-to-Earth Wedding Photographers in San Jose and Silicon Valley.

Julia Rose Photography

Light & Natural

Julia Rose Photography’s posing style is the opposite of stiff; you’ll spend most of your time interacting with each other.

What she wants her clients to know: “I’m not a photographer who ends the relationship once I’ve delivered the pictures. Yes, our relationship happens because of photography. But I love supporting you and being there afterwards; when you have babies, when you get a promotion. I don’t just want to celebrate your wedding, I want to celebrate your life.”

Bonus: Julia Rose Photography prices her photography to be the best value around—so we  guess that’s a deal every day 🙂

Don’t forget to check out her Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages!

Evelyn Grace Photos

Down-to-earth, unposed, and authentic.

Evelyn Grace Photo is real. And she wants to photograph the real moments.

Her Philosophy: “I’m all about the love. I live for the laid-back moments and the wild adventures all at once. I’m the photographer who’s ready to fix your hair, tell you if your makeups smudged, and bring you some wine if you’re feeling nervous… but I’m also the photographer who will hop a few fences, hike a mountain, and hop into the ocean for an incredible adventure and some wild photos.”

What she wants her clients to know: “I’ve got your back. I’m in your corner. I got you, girl. Puppy ring bearers. Literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and on Pinterest!

Rachel Downey Photography

Raw, intimate, and genuine.

Her philosophy: “My ultimate aim is coaxing out who my couples really are, and giving them tangible memories that remind them how they felt on some of the happiest days of their lives. My editing style has a clean, film look that will stand the test of time.You won’t see any prom poses in my work!”

What she wants her clients to know: “I believe everyone deserves a narrative of their love story, and that’s why I make a point of taking the time to get to know my couples before they even see a camera. The more comfortable we are with one another, the more fun we’re going to have, and the better you images will be! Those genuine, ‘in between’ moments make me so freaking happy. So let’s hang out, be best friends, and make some cool stuff together!”

Bonus: Rachel Downey Photography doesn’t offer any deals, per se, but her full-day packages do include engagement sessions!

Want to see more? Check her out on Facebook and on Instagram!

Quianna Marie Photography

Light and airy with pops of color.

Quianna Marie Photography wants her photos to reflect exactly what the day FELT like!

Her philosophy: “My images are bright, fun and full of laughter. I love photographing couples that enjoy the outdoors + adventures as much as I do!I love how this business has turned clients into life long friends! To be honest, my photos are alright… There are thousands of talented photographers in our own backyard! It’s not only about the photos. What makes my photos unique are the emotion, candid laughter and expressions caught… all by making my couples feel loved and appreciated!”

What she wants her clients to know: “My goal as your photographer is to truly make you FEEL like these moments are the best days of your life, not just look like it! As always my mind goes straight to food! I’m loving late night french fries and donut walls are always a hit! Personally, I’m LOVING first looks! I’m always encouraging and educating my couples on the benefits of sharing a first look. This one addition to your day adds hours of celebrating with your friends and family and extends your wedding day! It’s not even about the additional photos, it’s about time. Sharing a first look increases your time together as a couple on your wedding day! I hope it’s a trend that sticks forever and ever!”

Bonus: All of Quianna Marie Photography’s wedding collections include an engagement session. She truly believe this addition to your wedding experience is a must! You’ll get to spend an evening together getting to know each other, sharing favorite “sides” and practicing for your big day! Plus this is a great opportunity to get a real life preview of lasting make up and how your look will appear in photos.

Be sure to follow Quianna Marie Photography on Instagram, Facebook and on Pinterest!

Leo Pham Photography

Photojournalistic, unobtrusive and genuine.

Leo Pham Photography primarily focuses on capturing wedding day as it naturally happens in an unobtrusive way. This is the best way to capture the authentic moments, genuine reactions, and the unique connection between the couples and their loved ones.

His philosophy: “My favorite experience is to see how happy and emotional my couples are when they look at their albums, tell me their story through each individual photograph I capture. Trends come and go. My photography doesn’t follow or run after it. Instead, it focuses on the real moments and will stay with time because of that. It’s timeless! The more years pass by, the more valuable and meaningful it will be to my couples. This is the unique part of my photography.

What he wants his clients to know: “I don’t have a favorite wedding trend. Instead, I have favorite moments. They are the dance of the bride and her father, the vow exchanges, ceremony recession when couples cheerfully walk back, and the toast of special people.”

Bonus: Occasionally, Leo Pham will have limited offer for his clients. The one he has going on  now is his clients will get a complimentary 20×30 metal print when they book engagement and wedding together.

Follow Leo’s work on Instagram and on Facebook!

Lynn Lewis Photography

Authentic, raw and emotional.

Lynn Lewis Photography is all about capturing authentic love stories.

Her philosophy: “If you haven’t burned some calories during a session, then I haven’t done my job! But for real, I’m all about capturing those run-until-you’re-out-of-breath, laugh-until-you-cry, moments, with all the ridiculous laughs, intimate moments, and raw emotion included. What’s surprised me the most about becoming a wedding photographer is how much I loved the human connection of it all. I started out as a photographer just loving the art, but as I’ve grown in this industry, I’ve found that it’s getting to connect with wonderful and amazing couples that makes it so rewarding.”

What she wants her clients to know: “I truly believe in making sure that you vibe with your photographer! It’s so much more than just liking the photos themselves—it’s the experience as whole. I often hear back from clients that not only did they love the photos, but they were so thankful to have me there on their day. Trends come and go, but what I really love about weddings is the way that couples are now making them so unique to their personality, style, and story. Whether it’s a first look in an antique alley (that was still running its business while we took photos!) or a boba bar served at the reception, it’s all those unique touches that make the wedding so memorable.”

Bonus: Most clients will book Lynn Lewis Photography’s 8 hour wedding collection, which includes a discount on the engagement session.

Go follow Lynn on Instagram and on Facebook!

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