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Why You Should Opt For A Vintage Engagement Ring

by Cali Pitchel
Why You Should Opt For A Vintage Engagement Ring

Are you preparing to pop the question or tie the knot? Here are some pointers on how to go against the grain and opt for antique and vintage jewelry over the conventional high-end options. These antique pieces could be all your other half has ever hoped for: beautiful, high-quality and a real bargain.

Vintage jewelry can be one-of-a-kind

Searching for high end jewelry can leave you feeling exhausted and uninspired.

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Vintage jewelry provides you with a chance to own or gift a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. This is an amazing opportunity – chances are that you or your loved one will never find anyone else wearing a similar piece. This makes it that little bit more special. If you really want to  make a statement, or offer your loved one something extra special, then you should consider going vintage or antique.

Vintage and antique jewelry really shows off how thoughtful you are. It requires far more time, effort and consideration to research and source vintage jewels than it does to pop into your high-street chain jewelers. Don’t you want to run that extra mile?

There’s a story behind each antique piece

It is very likely that any vintage piece you buy has been handed down in many families and has had its own exciting story before it made its way to you. Each individual item has been a part of somebody else’s life and has become a part of history. Because of this, it should have high sentimental value.

We recommend that you take a look at Berganza’s special occasion vintage pieces. Berganza also tell you about when the ring was made, along with an accompanying Gemmological Certification Services when available. Such pieces are usually hard to source purchase, but Berganza does the legwork for you. You can rest easy that these details are accurate and you are purchasing a genuine vintage piece of high value.

Have we convinced you yet?

Stay within your budget with vintage jewelry


Vintage jewelry doesn’t have to cost the Earth. In fact, they are usually a lot cheaper than their high-street counterparts. Some people refuse to buy vintage or second hand because they do not like the idea that somebody owned it before them. However, if you can get over this, then you could find yourself a real bargain.

Some pieces of antique jewelry may be imperfect, and require a little bit of work to perfect the diamond in the rough.  But there are many services nationwide that can polish and mend vintage pieces to make them good as new. This could be the ultimate choice for those working to a tight budget.

By Hollie Jones

Hollie is a freelance writer and co-writer for the Hollie and the Ivy blog. She is passionate about upcycling, interior design, crafts and weddings. Hollie enjoys writing about these topics and spreading her knowledge and experience to others.

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