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Inspiration » Tips and Tricks » 10 Tips to Make a Wedding Fun for Your Guests

10 Tips to Make a Wedding Fun for Your Guests

by Sasha Im
10 Tips to Make a Wedding Fun for Your Guests

A wedding is probably the biggest party you’ll throw in your lifetime. Make it a good one, and get your guests actively involved in the party. Here are 10 tips to raise the fun factor at your wedding.

1. Make them feel welcome. This is obvious, but it’s easy to forget during the madness of a wedding. Some of your friends and family will travel long distances to get to your wedding, giving up not just a day, but an entire weekend. Welcome them with a warm hug and smile. That second cousin’s new wife you’ve met only once? Go talk to her, and not just about the wedding. Ask questions about her life. A few minutes of conversation with your guests will go a long way to making them feel included.


2. Ask for photos. With most people carrying a mobile device these days, everyone from your 8-year-old niece to your 80-year-old grandmother can be an amateur wedding photographer. Ask your guests to load their photos onto a wedding app or tag them and post them on social media. You could also hook up a feed to a projector, and show the photos during the reception. This is a fantastic way not only to get your guests to take photos, but to take better photos.


3. Offer cute hats and masks for photo props. You don’t need a photo booth, but consider placing some goofy accessories at a designated table. It’s a great way to get people to add even more sparkle to their outfits and take some funny party photos.


4. Blow Bubbles. These are fun for both children and grown-ups, and they make for fabulous photos. At less than a dollar per bottle, bubbles are also very budget-friendly.


5. Ask for Song Requests. You’ve spent days putting together your playlist, but consider adding some of your guests’ favorites. Guests can request a song as they RSVP to your wedding. Prepare this list of songs, along with the names of the people who made the requests. Your DJ can announce the guests at the beginning of the songs, and encourage them to the dance floor.

6. Group Dances. The world is divided into people who dance and people who do not. To encourage everyone to get out of their chairs, consider a group dance. Who doesn’t have fun on a conga line?


7. Kissing Couples. While the music is playing, draw a name of a couple from a hat. Have them smooch in front of the crowd. If they feel awkward about PDA, they could do a short dance or a twirl instead. This game is a great way to celebrate other couples.


8. Wedding Question and Advice Cards.  Marriage advice cards are available at any crafts store, and can be filled out by your guests earnestly or with tongue-in-cheek. It’s fun to read aloud some of the cards during the reception.


9. Lawn games. If you’re having an outdoor reception, an easy way to keep your guests entertained is to provide a lawn game like a ring toss or a croquet set.

10. Give Shout-Outs for Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries. Maybe your wedding day falls on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Or it could be your aunt’s birthday. It could also be your best friend’s anniversary. Whatever the coincidence, acknowledge it with a shout-out. Thank those people publicly for giving up their special day for yours.



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