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Inspiration » Photography » 5 Timeless Wedding Photographers in Indianapolis

5 Timeless Wedding Photographers in Indianapolis

by Katelyn Barthlome
5 Timeless Wedding Photographers in Indianapolis

At Joy, we believe engagement and wedding photos play an important role in showcasing the celebration of love! Whether you want to use engagement photos for your invitations, Instagram or on your wedding website, we’ve got your photography needs covered.

If you’re getting married in Circle City, check out this list of our favorite timeless and organic wedding photographers in the Indianapolis area!

Emily Elyse Wehner Photography

Timeless, raw, and full of emotion.

emily elyse photography Indianapolis wedding photographer

Emily Elyse Wehner a photographer for the unconventional lovers.

Her Philosophy: “ I love to capture the day as it unfolds naturally. I want your photos to be timeless and raw and full of emotion. I want to capture your love story in a way that feels real and authentic. No cliche prom poses over here! I love the in-between moments. The ones that make you tear up just thinking about them. I hope my photography takes you back to the moment and makes you feel everything all over again.”

What she wants her clients to know: “Seeing couples start off a bit nervous in front of the camera and then loosen up and become so comfortable is one of my favorite things about capturing love stories. I also love that most of my couples come to me as strangers and by the end of the whole process became dear friends.”

emily elyse wehner photography Indianapolis wedding photographer

Bonus: All of Emily’s wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session.

Need to see more of Emily’s work? Check her out on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and on Youtube!

Christa Hitchcock Photography

Romantically timeless and organic.

christa hitchcock Indianapolis wedding photographer

Christa Hitchcock Photography has a soft spot for outdoor weddings and natural light sessions, so her photos tend to have a natural, organic feel.

Her philosophy: “I like to say that I am a storyteller first and a photographer second. When the flowers have wilted and the cake has been eaten, I hope someone can pick up your wedding album and feel like they were a guest on your special day, and in the same way, I hope your photographs can help you to relive your wedding time and time again. Wedding days can go by in a blur, so I hope to bring you back not only to the events of the day but also to the emotions. By taking a documentary approach to photography, I aim to capture the small, but meaningful moments: the groom sneaking a peek at his new wife, the flower girl twirling in her dress, and the mother of the bride wiping a tear as her baby girl walks down the aisle.”

What she wants her clients to know: “I want my couples to know me as intentional, professional, and relational. It’s important to me that they see the meaning behind everything I do, that they know I am reliable and confident in taking charge when need be, and that at the end of the day we will call each other friends.”

christa hitchcock Indianapolis wedding photographer

Bonus: Christa loves the legacy of wedding photographs and the opportunity to create a family heirloom that will be passed down for generations. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a hopeless romantic and love being around such sweet relationships!

Don’t forget to follow Christa on Facebook, Instagram, and on Pinterest!

Arielle Peters Photography

Bright, airy, and joyful.

arielle peters Indianapolis wedding photographer

Her philosophy: “I want you to be able to show your grandchildren your wedding album someday and for them to be able to relate to the images even years later! What makes my photography unique is that there is so much behind it than just a pretty image. There’s always a story or an experience!”

What she wants her clients to know: “I do my best to create relationships with my couples so that when we’re shooting we’re getting the best versions of themselves because they’re the most comfortable they can be with me! It’s so normal to feel tense or uncomfortable in front of the camera, so if you’re working with someone who specializes in making you feel like yourself through prompts and conversations, then you’ll feel like you look like yourself in the images you get back!”

arielle peters Indianapolis wedding photographer

Her favorite wedding trends: “Right now have to do with sleek dresses with sleeves! I am all about a black tie affair and love the look of classic elegance but in a modern way!”

Want to see more from Arielle? Follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, and on Facebook!

Love, Leon.

Intentional, comfortable, and organic.

love leon Indianapolis wedding photographer

Love, Leon pride themselves in being “Intimate photography for adventurous souls and wild love.”

Their philosophy: “We capture photographs that feel alive—that make you believe in magical, breathtaking, feels like flying, shoot for the stars kind of love. There are hundreds of wedding photographers out there, but our focus on creating intimacy and encouraging wild and free spirits to soar is what sets us apart”

What they want their clients to know: “ We’re so excited to connect with those who share our excitement for life, sense of adventure, and attention to creating intimacy and beauty in everything around us. Our hope is that you feel like you’re with old friends, thinking “me too!”, laughing, and having fun throughout the day. Feel set free, valued, encouraged, and at peace with your identity and purpose. After a session with Love, Leon we hope you can cross off another adventure on your bucket list, feel closer to your partner, and have new friends for future hangs and travels!”

love leon Indianapolis wedding photographer

Bonus: Love, Leon offers various deals, so keep an eye out on their website and social media accounts for those!

Follow Love, Leon on Instagram and on Facebook!

Leah Rife Photo

Warm, relaxed and authentic.

leah rife photo Indianapolis wedding photographer

Leah Rife Photo specializes in a lifestyle vibe with her photography.

Her Philosophy: “The in-between moments are as important to me as the moments where everyone is looking at the camera. I love capturing my clients in a way that lets their unique personalities shine. I am constantly in awe of how beautiful the “ordinary” moments between people are, and I feel lucky I get to see loving connections over and over while working with such amazing people.”

What she looks for in potential clients: “I love creating a unique experience for each of my clients. I listen to what they are hoping for in their images and try to capture their vision. From picking locations, helping the client create a timeline for their day, to listening to what is most important to them  – it’s not about me, it’s about my clients. It’s not about getting that epic pose to gain exposure, it’s about capturing moments that my clients will treasure for their whole lives.”

leah rife photo Indianapolis wedding photographer

Bonus: Leah offers a complimentary engagement session with her wedding collections because she thinks it’s so important to have that time with each other and the photographer before their wedding day. It helps you get comfy in front of the camera, and build trust with your photographer who will be there with you on such an important day!

Be sure to follow Leah on Instagram, Facebook, and on Pinterest!

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