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Inspiration » Tips and Tricks » An Interview with the NEAT Method

An Interview with the NEAT Method

by Cali Pitchel
An Interview with the NEAT Method

First off, tell us a little bit about the NEAT Method. What it is, and how’d you get started?

NEAT Method is a luxury residential organizing company with over 20 locations across the US. NEAT Method began when founders, Ashley Murphy and Molly Graves met while shopping in San Francisco. Both had recently been uprooted from Chicago and relocated to the City by the Bay. After realizing they shared a mutual passion NEAT Method was born. Since then they have continued to bring the NEAT life to cities across America by coaching other women on how to run and organizing business.

What does it mean to live NEAT? And why is it important, especially for newlyweds?

Living NEAT means having a home for everything! It means living with systems that are sustainable and make keeping the clutter at bay easy. We love when newlyweds want to hire us because it really gets them off on the right foot! If everything has a home it is easier to find what you need and also easy to put things away – can you see how that would minimize the arguments.

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One of your core services is Moves and Relocations. What about two people moving into together? How do they negotiate the bringing together of two households?

We have done many moves where two homes are merging. In these situations it is crucial that the couple commit to not keeping two of everything. We recommend they take a careful look at what they have and donate the duplicate that is in worse shape :).

How can newlyweds ensure they’re creating a NEAT space as they enter into a new season as a couple?

Creating systems that works for your lifestyle is the best advice we can give! It is totally worth the investment in the proper organizing products to get your home set up a in a way that will be easy to maintain for years to come.

Weddings are expensive. What are some budget-friendly tools or strategizes for organizing your space?

For the budget conscious newlyweds we recommend reading our blog. There are tons of free tips on there that will help you know where to start no matter what the space.

Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune on organizing products just look for ones that are neutral in color, easy to clean, and multi-functional! And if you don’t listen to anything else we say listen to this, DO NOT buy anything before you have done the organizing. You will end up spending much less because you will only come home with what you actually need.

If you could only organize one space, what would it be? Which will have the most profound impact on how you live?

They say the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home’ and we couldn’t agree more. If you could only organize one space we recommend you pick the kitchen. Having a NEAT kitchen saves you a ton of time as you are running out the door in the morning, making dinner or preparing to host a get-together. You spend a lot more time in the kitchen than you probably think so keeping it organized will have a profound impact on your life.

We most often talk about organization in terms of physical spaces. What tips do you have for couples planning their weddings who are struggling to juggle lots of simultaneous (and stressful) tasks?

Lists and spreadsheets—you can’t have enough of them. Also utilize technology for these tools to make sure it is something you both have access to and can edit on the fly. We love Todoist and Google Drive. These apps will help you during wedding planning but also in managing your household tasks once the big day is over – so good things to get in the habit of using now!

Michelle Drewes Photography

I noticed you offer Gift Certificates. This would make a fantastic wedding gift! What do our readers need to know about gifting the NEAT Method to their soon-to-be-married friends or family members?

NEAT is the truly the gift that keeps on giving! Getting your home in proper order really sets your marriage off on right foot and we love nothing more than being able to do that for a couple. We are located in over 20 locations across the US and are adding to that number every few months so chances are good we can help you give the gift of the NEAT life no matter where you live!

Where can we learn more about the NEAT Method?

Online at or you can email for more information. You can also find NEAT and all sorts of organization inspiration on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest!

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