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Inspiration » Photography » 5 Unique Wedding Photographers in San Diego

5 Unique Wedding Photographers in San Diego

by Katelyn Barthlome
5 Unique Wedding Photographers in San Diego

Imagine the cool ocean spray on your face, soft sand between your toes, and the warm sun on your face. All of these things leave you with a sense of calm, happiness, and peacefulness right? So why shouldn’t choosing your wedding photographer in San Diego be any different?

To help you find the right photographer for your big day, we have gone through and found 5 of our favorite wedding photographers in the San Diego area.


Jamie English Photography

Soft and Clean.

Jamie English Photography’s is the genuine and honest kind, and she works hard to deliver that to her clients so that when they see their photos they think “That’s us!”

Her philosophy: “I look for true emotion and smaller in-between moments, laughter, quirkiness, affection, and whatever else they might feel with each other! My editing style is soft, clean, and vivid so that the images I create come alive and look beautiful for all the years they’ll be enjoyed and passed down through family.”

What she wants her clients to know: “I started my business because I wanted to work alongside people, enjoy nature more, create art daily, and make a difference with the work I do. I wanted to use my skills and passions in the most impactful way I could dream of: a photography business with the vision of giving back and creating direct impact. I realized I could do this by donating a percentage of my time and profit to cover the cost of my services and travel to work with a small non-profit or organization dedicated toward social change each year!  In both my work with couples and with non-profits I hope to create images that are uplifting and that reveal the goodness, beauty, and truth that is at the root of life. I value vulnerability and simplicity, and I enjoy the good company of others. I could say the non-profit work I do is part of what sets my business apart, but I think it’s probably more truthful to say that being true to myself in all areas of my life and allowing that to show through in my images, communication, and branding is what resonates the most with my future clients!”

Bonus: Jamie works with clients all over San Diego, California, Mexico, the US, and as far as her couples are hoping to bring her. She’s shot weddings in New Zealand, Normandy, the UK, and Switzerland and she absolutely loves being immersed in new places while shooting. It brings her so much inspiration and joy!

Be sure to check out more of Jamie’s work on Instagram, Pinterest, and on Facebook!


Alexandria Monette Photography

Free-spirited and colorful.

Her philosophy: “I pride myself on a few things: photographing the REAL you as a couple, being emotional support throughout the planning process and capturing the in-between moments that often go unnoticed.”

What she wants her clients to know: “Figuring out a couples dynamic so that I can photograph them well and in a real way is something I feel I am amazing at. During our time together, I like to direct rather than pose to get those natural shots that make you feel like yourself! Another thing… I go all in for my couples. I’m there helping them plan a photo timeline, picking out engagement outfits, location scouting for the best spot, and will be there for anything they need throughout the planning process. I let me couples know I am VERY involved and part of the party day of. I’m a fly on the wall when need-be, capturing all the emotional in-between moments, but am also a good wrangler of people and director when it comes down to portraits.”

Bonus:  Alexandria is less about trends and more about couples putting an aesthetic to their day that is unique to them!

Want to see more wedding inspiration? Go follow Alexandria on Instagram and on Facebook!


Camila Margotta Photography

Soft and romantic.

Her philosophy: “I love to capture the romantic, timeless emotions between my couples. This way, no matter how much time passes, they can always look back and remember those feelings from their special day. I’ve had such the opportunity to partner with such amazing couples!”

What she wants her clients to know: “One aspect that differentiates what I do from other photographers is that I facilitate during our time together; I love to use prompts that allow my couples to be themselves and avoid those ‘forced’ and unnatural looking shots. I know what its like to be in front of the camera and I love to remove all of the stress, intimidation, and worry that can come with wedding photography. As a result, I get to develop a real relationship with my couples; we’re friends! I get to know them on a personal level and on the day of their wedding, I am able to be by their side and capture all of the precious moments that they share together. Our investment is in each other and I think that really is special.”


Bonus: All of Camila’s couples get a free engagement session when they book their wedding with her!

Don’t forget to check out more of Camila’s work on Facebook, Instagram and on Pinterest!


Aubrey Oothout Photo

Authentic and warm.

Her philosophy: “Giving the photos a great sense of depth and feel when looking back on them. I like to revolve around connection and movement within my work. When my photos tell a story, that’s when I feel accomplishment.  My favorite experience has been getting to be apart of something so special.”

What she wants her clients to know: “I wasn’t surrounded by love that much growing up, so when I work with couples today, my heart is so full of happiness and awe. I feel that my job holds a lot of purpose because of this. It allows me to create a great experience for myself and the clients I’m working with. Every perspective is different when taking photographs. I like to really connect with my couples on a personal level before we start shooting. When I get to know them well, I can take better photographs of them. Being open and vulnerable with each other is what sets my work apart from others. Allowing me to create my visual perspective that matches well with each client and who they are together. I believe that no two photographers that are the exact same, simply because everyone’s different.”

Bonus:  Aubrey offers 25% off any engagement, wedding or anniversary package during the holiday season!

Dying to see more of Aubrey’s work? Check out her Instagram and Facebook!


My Sun and Stars Co.

Romantic, natural and fun.

Her philosophy: “I love capturing the complexity and beauty in relationships- the silly and playful, but at the same time as the romance and seriousness. Above all, I try to create art. Basically anytime a client brings their dog(s)! I’m a crazy dog lady and I absolutely love it when my clients involve their pets in their story. I mean, also getting the chance to visit some of the nation’s most incredible National Parks has been pretty wonderful.”

What she wants her clients to know: “I shoot medium format film, and edit all my digital photographs to emulate my film! It gives my work that really ethereal, glowing, and timeless look. But I don’t overexpose (or underexpose)- I try to capture colors as they naturally are, so that your photos stand the test of time.”

Favorite wedding trend:  Art installations!! Whether it’s a cool custom backdrop, a floral installation (hanging vines from the ceiling!), a unique seating/escort display. Its way easier and cheaper than you’d think just to have an interesting idea unique to your story.

Don’t forget to go follow Megan on Facebook and on Instagram to see more of her awesome work!

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