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Inspiration » Tips and Tricks » Wedding Website URL Ideas

Wedding Website URL Ideas

by Amanda Hanna

One way to get creative (and have fun!) with your wedding website is by establishing a URL that represents you and your partner. Whether it’s simple, catchy, or quirky, your URL is one of the first things guests will see about your wedding website and special day. If you create a free wedding website with Joy, “” is included as part of the URL, but you can customize the text that follows — granted it’s not used by another happy couple about to say “I do!”

However, if you want to have a completely personalized URL for your wedding site, you’ll need to purchase a custom domain. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect when purchasing a custom domain, tips for choosing a domain name, and wedding website domain name ideas that will simplify everyone’s experience.

Purchasing a custom domain for your wedding website

Besides wedding websites, Joy also gives couples the ability to purchase a custom domain through its platform. Once you’ve created an account at Joy’s domain registrar, sit down with your partner to brainstorm domain names (more on that below). 

When you’re ready to share your beautiful wedding website with friends and family, you can simply use your custom domain URL to do so. Guests will then be forwarded to your wedding website with Joy.

Tips for choosing a domain name for your wedding website

A custom domain for your wedding website has many benefits for you, the happy couple, and your wedding guests. For instance, it’s easier to remember, makes your wedding website appear more polished and professional, and brainstorming domain names can be a fun activity with your partner. So how do you go about choosing the perfect one for your wedding website? Here are some tips to guide you through.

  • Be concise. To limit errors when guests enter your wedding website URL, whether on a desktop or smartphone, aim to be concise. When the time comes to share your wedding website, you want to ensure your URL rolls off the tongue but also gets to the point.
  • Watch your spelling. If you’re trying to be clever with the spelling of certain words in your domain name, you might cause more confusion than intended. Aim for the proper spelling, and if a particular word is too long, choose a shorter synonym.
  • Add your first names or last names. Opting for either your first and last names will keep your URL succinct. But depending on availability, you might need to experiment by adding a wedding-related phrase to the URL, along with your names.
  • Consider nicknames. This is especially useful if one or both of your names is especially long or hard to spell. Even if this doesn’t apply to you, nicknames can be a fun way to add some uniqueness and personality to your URL.
  • Consider puns, alliteration, or rhyming words. If you and your partner have an interesting spin to your names, consider highlighting that in your custom domain (as long as it’s not too much of a tongue-twister).
  • Avoid ampersands, hyphens, and numbers. Limit confusion among guests by avoiding symbols and numbers that could get lost in translation — or even forgotten.
  • Go beyond “dot com.” If you’re having trouble finding an available domain name with a “dot com” extension, you can consider other extensions through your domain registrar like .net, .date, wedding, or .love.

Wedding website domain name ideas

Your ultimate goal is to make your URL as readable, pronounceable, and succinct as possible. Whether you include it on your wedding invitations, post it on social media, or share it via word of mouth, you want everyone on your guest list to be able to visit (and remember!) your wedding website with no hiccups along the way. Although not an extensive list, here are some domain name ideas to get your creative juices flowing during wedding planning.



  • amyanddave
  • rogerandpat
  • cindyandmae

Why use this template: It’s simple, straightforward, and sweetly brings your names together with no fuss.



  • amyplusdave
  • rogerpluspat
  • cindyplusmae

Why use this template: It subtly highlights your love, union, and partnership.



  • amylovesdave
  • rogerlovespat
  • cindylovesmae

Why use this template: It’s a touching, simple phrase that brings you two together.



  • thejohnsons
  • themillers
  • thegarcias

Why use this template: If one of you is taking the last name of the other, it highlights that decision in a sweet and simple way.



  • amysaidyes
  • rogersaidyes
  • cindysaidyes

Why use this template: It’s a playful way to highlight your love story and the aftermath of your engagement — from the perspective of the person who popped the question.



  • amyanddave2020
  • rogerandpat2020
  • cindyandmae2020

Why use this template: It’s a simple way to bring your names together and commemorate your wedding year. 

“[name]and[name]in[destination wedding location]”


  • amyanddaveinjapan
  • rogerandpatinitaly
  • cindyandmaeinhawaii

Why use this template: If you’re having a destination wedding, it’s a great way to share an essential wedding detail and build excitement for the location.



  • amyheartsdave
  • rogerheartspat
  • cindyheartsmae

Why use this template: It’s a youthful, playful way to express one person’s love for the other.



  • amydavewedding
  • rogerpatwedding
  • cindymaewedding

Why use this template: It’s a simple way to hint at your union, wedding day, and the purpose of your website.



  • amywedsdave
  • rogerwedspat
  • cindywedsmae

Why use this template: It’s a phrase-based approach that builds excitement for your big day.


A good wedding website URL can make things easy on your guests — and on you. Whether it’s as simple as putting your names together, merging your names in a clever way, adding important details like the wedding date and location, or using a playful phrase to express your wedding style or love for one another, your custom domain can be both commemorative and communicative. 

Feel free to have fun and get creative with your URL, but try to aim for simplicity as you whittle down the options. By following any one of these templates, or customizing them to fit your own aesthetic, you can even use your domain name as a potential wedding hashtag on social media. You and your guests can post pictures and messages about and during your wedding day and include the wedding hashtag. After tying the knot, you can then search the hashtag to find a repository of sweet memories.

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