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Inspiration » Tips and Tricks » What to Wear to a Virtual Wedding: Tips for Guests and the Wedding Couple

What to Wear to a Virtual Wedding: Tips for Guests and the Wedding Couple

by Amanda Davis
what to wear to virtual wedding

Now that 2020 has come and gone, many of us have gotten used to attending virtual events. If the happy couple in your life is hosting a virtual wedding and you’ve been invited, it’s time to get into something fancy. Yes, even a virtual wedding is an event you should dress up for. 

For wedding guests, your attire shouldn’t be too different from what you’d wear in person (although nixing the heels is probably okay this time). The same general rule applies to couples getting married. Read on for more tips on what to wear to a virtual wedding—for both the guests and the happy couple!

For the Guests

Follow the dress code

Did the couple include a dress code on their wedding invitations? Honor that. Dress codes include Black tie, Cocktail, Beach formal, and more. If the couple has also announced a theme, like tropical, bohemian, or rustic, it’s essential to that follow, too! Although virtual, the wedding ceremony will still have group photos and photo ops during the reception. This is your chance to show your support from afar and have fun with it.

Avoid wearing white 

Yes, this classic rule still upholds virtually. The tradition is out of respect for the bride so you don’t compete with her gown. While there will be fewer eyes on you because of the small laptop and tablet screens, you should definitely still follow this rule. Remember: It’s the bride’s day, not yours.

Say ‘yes’ to flowy dresses

If you’re looking for the easiest and most comfortable option, a flowy dress is the way to go. There’s no need for something tight and uncomfortable to sit on the couch. You’re home, after all! Keep things light, breezy, but still formal with a flowy dress. 

Embrace hair accessories

Hair accessories are great for an array of events, including virtual weddings, as they can take your outfit to the next level with minimal effort. Wearing something plain? Add a headband or decorative hair clips to add a little more pizzaz to your wedding attire. It may be their wedding day, but you can have a little fun, too.

Wear fancy flats 

If you’re opposed to wearing heels in your own home, it’s understandable. As an alternative, grab a pair of fancy flats or flip flops to stay comfortable during the entire event. 

Avoid blue jeans

Unless the couple explicitly says it’s allowed, this rule is unbreakable. Blue jeans are not appropriate wedding attire, and that includes virtual ceremonies. If you’re looking for comfort, you may be able to get away with wearing very nice black jeans. But avoid black jeans with a washed tone, like acid wash or faded, or rips on the knees, along the legs, or on the ankles.

Tip: This rule also extends to t-shirts. No one wants to see a tee at a wedding! Be respectful and dress up instead of staying casual.

Take time getting ready

When you attend in-person weddings, how long does it normally take you to get ready? Since you’ll be at home when attending the virtual wedding, you can slice off about 20 minutes of your normal time. But you don’t want to look disheveled or unprepared, so it’s important to carve out some time in your day to get yourself ready.

This includes ironing clothes, doing hair, and applying makeup. Whatever your version of dressing up, do it! This is a special event and one of the few times you’ve been able to dress up over the last year. Have fun with it and make sure you look great.

Lastly, before you make your final decision on your attire for the virtual wedding, take it into consideration. Would you wear the ensemble to the wedding if it were in-person and under normal circumstances? If so, you’re good to go! If not, it’s time to rethink.

For the Couple

Although your guests won’t see it in person, you can still express your bridal style through what you wear on your big day. From big custom gowns to fitted tuxedos, you can still do it all! But if you need a little guidance, check out the tips below.

Avoid anything too shiny

Some brides and grooms love their sparkle. There’s no one in the world that doesn’t want to shine bright on their wedding day, so who can blame them for it? But because this is a virtual ceremony, you may want to reconsider sparkle in some areas.

Not everyone has high-quality webcams, so major glares could ruin virtual photos. If you really can’t live without sparkly makeup or jewelry (not including the engagement ring, of course), incorporate as little as possible during the event but go all out for your wedding photos.

Shop online in advance

If the bride, groom, or anyone in the wedding party is shopping for their big day attire online, it’s best to do it at least three months in advance. This will give everyone enough time if there are shipping delays or the attire doesn’t work out on the first try.

Tip for the wedding party: If you’re shopping online, buy multiple options at the same time to try on at once! Return the others when you’ve found a choice you love. It’s much better safe than sorry!

Dress cohesively from head to toe

Whether you decide you want something formal or something a bit more casual, make sure to dress the part from your hairstyle to your shoes. Like an in-person wedding, it should all look cohesive because your wedding guests will get a full view of you at some point! It’s also helpful for your candid wedding photos and videos. 

Avoid over-accessorizing

Adding a pair of earrings, a necklace, or cuff links is always great, but don’t let these things distract from the two most important pieces of your wedding day attire: the rings and the dress or tux. 

Show your personality

Although your guests’ view will be from a webcam or computer screen, it doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself or what you’re wearing on your big day. Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your wedding attire. This could mean going barefoot in the grass, having a wedding dress in a color other than white, donning a dramatic gown with a mile-long train, and more.

Remember: Traditional is a style, but it’s not the only one. Stay true to your style and what will make you happy—it’s your day, after all. The number of guests in physical attendance shouldn’t stop you from making your dream wedding attire into the real thing.

Overall, a virtual wedding is most likely a new experience for everyone. Dress the part, wear what makes you feel elegant, and have a blast supporting (or being) the happy couple!

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