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Inspiration » Proposal Story » Joy Proposal Story: Tiffany & Ed

Joy Proposal Story: Tiffany & Ed

by Cali Pitchel

Tiffany and Ed met at a bar in Hoboken on a random Saturday afternoon. Tiffany was out to brunch with my roommates and Ed was out watching a Notre Dame Football game. Tiffany noticed him from across the bar and was literally in awe of how handsome he was. Normally she’s not the type to walk up to a guy (Tiffany is the self-proclaimed Most Awkward Person Alive), but with the help of liquid courage something—whether it was a swift kick in the rear end from fate or the mimosas I had earlier—forced her to walk to the other side of the bar and sit down in the chair next to him. She said something crass like, “So which one of these bartenders is your girlfriend?” The rest, as they say, is history.


Give us the details! When? Where? How?

I was traveling for work and got in late the night before and was sick with a sinus infection. Ed woke me up the next day (October 8, 2016) and said we had to go help our friend set up for an event on the other side of town. I was definitely not feeling it, but we’re disgustingly loyal to our friends so I forced myself out of bed. I didn’t wash my hair, threw on ripped jeans, a pair of TOMs and a ripped t-shirt. We started walking downtown along the water and a photographer approached us. It’s normal for a lot of people to take pictures on the pier in Hoboken—it has a beautiful front-row view of the NYC skyline and is very romantic.

I didn’t think twice about the photographer as she approached us. She had a name tag on and said she wrote for Hudson Magazine and was writing an article about couples who met in Hoboken. The story line was that you don’t necessarily have to go to New York City to meet your soulmate, that sometimes you can meet your significant others right in your small town. I totally ate it up. She asked to snap a few photos of us and said that her writer would contact us in a few days for more information. Ed huffed and puffed and kept saying, “We’re going to be late.”

Eventually, so I thought, I convinced him. We took some photos and then the photographer started acting rather strange. I got a bit nervous thinking, “Why am I letting this random stranger take pictures of us?” I started to panic. Before I could say anything to Ed, he turned around and grabbed both of my hands. It took me a quick second to realize what was happening. I think I looked like Kevin from Home Alone with two hands on my cheeks saying, “Oh my god.” To be honest, I don’t remember anything he said to me! I remember him getting down on one knee and me sobbing hysterically and saying yes.


Quickly after the proposal, he arranged for us to meet my parents and have lunch. I kept saying, “I have to call your mom!” He said, “Give me a break. I need a beer! Let’s go get lunch and settle down and then we’ll call everyone.” We walked over to our favorite date spot in Hoboken, Brass Rail, and before I realized it, there were all of our closest friends and family. He arranged a huge engagement brunch celebration.

It was literally the best day ever.

What has been your favorite experience planning the wedding?

I think asking our bridal party to be a part of our special day. We really love our friends and family so to be able to show them how much we appreciate their love was so exciting. I wanted to make sure they knew how much we loved them. I felt so honored to ask them to be in our bridal party and I’m so excited to have them by our side.

How do you stay sane under the pressures of wedding planning?

I’m Type A to the max. I have a google spreadsheet that I share with my fiance and we tabs for the guest list, a proposed budget, vendor information, timelines, music set list, etc. We knew we had to book a venue first so we really focused on getting that done first. Once the venue was booked, the rest was easy! I definitely feel a lot less pressure knowing we’ll have a year and a half engagement. At first we were planning to have just a one year engagement and I really felt the pressure. Allowing us to have more time to breathe and enjoy our engagement has really paid off.


What is your favorite part of using Joy for your wedding?

Outside of my full time job as an educator, I’m a freelance graphic designer and love things that are visually appealing. Joy has that perfect combination of being a traditional wedding website with an artistic flare. I know it’ll stand out and that’s what I love about it!


What piece of advice would you give couples to ensure that they use Joy to its fullest potential?

Start early and get as much information on their as possible. We really plan on directing all of our guests to use our website so we don’t have to send emails or translate every aspect of our wedding. Our website has all the details and people just need to visit it and read

At Joy we believe that even though a wedding lasts a day, joy lasts forever. What does that mean to you?

I think life is very scary. Your wedding day is a day that will fill you with so much joy that it will last you a lifetime. Every human knows that marriage is not perfect but when the going gets tough, as a couple you can remember your wedding day and re-remember how much love you had on that day. Remembering how you felt on your wedding day will provide you enough joy to outweigh your sorrows.


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