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Inspiration » Proposal Story » 7 Proposal Stories That Will Make You Weep Tears of Love

7 Proposal Stories That Will Make You Weep Tears of Love

by Aubrey Bach
7 Proposal Stories to Melt Your Heart

Getting down on one knee to ask somebody to marry you is romantic and all, but before you start getting cocky about your proposal story, you might want to check out some of the  tear-jerking proposals on this list. The couples below really do go above and beyond to show their significant others that they mean business about this whole “will you marry me” deal. See if you can get through all seven of these proposal stories without shedding a tear. We bet you’ll get a little misty at some point, if you don’t break out in a full on ugly cry.

  1. For dog lovers:

With the help of the couple’s adorable pooch, Chia, this thoughtful lad knew how to cleverly use a furry friend to get a “yes” out of his future wife. Her nervous laugh is, by far, the best part.

  1. For bookworms:

This couple’s love story was turned into a custom children’s book, complete with illustrations and an oh-so adorable story line. The couple loved visiting the zoo together, so it’s only fitting that the story’s main characters are a gorilla and a giraffe. See how this love story plays out, here — It definitely has a fairy tale ending.

A love story for book lovers

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  1. For serious planners:

This man takes the cake for patience and dedication to making his proposal an unforgettable one. He orchestrated a 365-day long proposal that all came together in Aruba on the future-bride’s birthday, where their close family and friends were waiting to help carry out one of the most heartfelt proposals ever. See for you yourself:

  1. For movie buffs:

One unsuspecting woman thought she was out to see a movie, but what she didn’t know was that the movie she was about to watch was a recreation of her relationship with her soon-to-be fiancé. As the film plays out, the woman catches on more and more, until the last frame where the real-life couple is revealed and she sees her and her future husband on the screen. Watch this award-winning proposal and get the feels real good.

  1. For people with music in their souls:

Who doesn’t love a good flash mob proposal every now and again? In this tear-jerker, one unsuspecting groom-to-be and his mother are treated to a choreographed number set to Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”, and it doesn’t take long before the “proposee” figures out what is going on and the waterworks ensue. Watch this beautiful couple’s engagement unfold in Central Park in front of hundreds of people.

  1. For frequent fliers:

If there is an award for one of the scariest/oh-my-gosh-what-was-he-thinking-but-that-was-friggin-amazing proposals, this guy wins it, no questions asked. In this action-packed proposal, the bride-to-be thinks she’s out for a casual plane ride with her boyfriend, who is the pilot, until things take a turn for the absolute worst — or so he makes her think. Watch this woman as she goes from thinking she’s living her last moments on Earth, to realizing that her new life has only just begun.

  1. For Disney lovers:

This Prince Charming wanted to ensure that his lady had the Disney proposal she’s dreamed of her entire life. This romantic proposal was inclusive of a picnic by the beach, a blue-tinted rose (her favorite flower), and a custom Disney movie compilation that played out their love story. See these two love birds fall in love and begin their happily ever after.

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