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Inspiration » sarah anne photography » Joy Proposal Story: Jon & Suzanne

Joy Proposal Story: Jon & Suzanne

by Kelsey Vickers
Joy Proposal Story: Jon & Suzanne

Give us the proposal details! When? Where? How?

Jon and Suzanne always joked that he would propose with a RingPop. So on the night of their anniversary, he tied a RingPop to their dog, Macy, and asked in a dorky voice, “Will you marry me?” Suzanne said, “Yes!” but was extremely confused because there was no real ring. Like nothing had happened, Jon suggested we take Macy out for a walk around the block. When we came back in, the entire apartment was decorated with balloons, candles, photos, rose petals and chocolate (shout out to Suzanne’s bestie who decorated while we were out walking!). When Suzanne turned around, Jon was holding the ring box open and a light was shining on the ring. Of course a big, “Yes!” along with tears, hugging and laughing ensued.

Jennifer Shaffer Photography

What has been your favorite experience planning the wedding?

Since both of us are musicians and a lot of our friends are musicians, we’re enjoying being creative and finding creative ways for us and our friends to participate.

How do you stay sane under the pressures of wedding planning?

We look at each other and remind ourselves that it’s just one day.

Jennifer Shaffer Photography

What is your favorite part of using Joy for your wedding?

The website is fun and easy to use! We like the fact that everyone has access to the app, which makes communication and keeping track of details really easy.

What piece of advice would you give couples to ensure that they use Joy to its fullest potential?

Let guests know about the app! It’s a great place to keep track of information, share photos, and communicate with guests before the wedding.

Jennifer Shaffer Photography

At Joy we believe that even though a wedding lasts a day, joy lasts forever. What does that mean to you?

While it’s easy to get caught up in the experiences and beauty of the day, ultimately, the wedding is about two people promising to be together forever. Just like some aspects of wedding planning aren’t necessarily easy and full of joy, some moments in marriage are going to be hard to work through. When we look back on our lives together, we hope that we will see a life full of joyful memories, starting with this day.

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