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Inspiration » Proposal Story » Joy Proposal Story: Melina & Eric

Joy Proposal Story: Melina & Eric

by Allie Grampa

A little Instagram-peeping never hurt anyone—especially not Melina and Eric. Eric came across one of Melina’s pictures on his friend’s Instagram feed. He started following her on Instagram and two days later sent her a Facebook private message. They started talking and getting to know each other and finally met up for coffee after two weeks. The rest, folks, is history!


Give us the details! When? Where? How?

Early on in our relationship Eric figured out that I love surprises (even though it is hard to truly surprise me, due to my busy schedule). This made it even more fun for Eric to want to surprise me and plan the perfect proposal. Eric knew my stipulations—I wanted to have dated him for at least one year and I preferred a private (just the two of us) kind of proposal—and he decided to try and surprise and propose to me in stages. He told me that he had too many great ideas of how he wanted to do it, and he wanted to use them all!



Let me explain. It started on our one-year anniversary, while on a hike of our favorite trail park; he sat me down, pulled out a letter (explaining his love for me) and a wooden plaque with the word ‘WILL’ on it. He explained that this was the first of many plaques that I would receive (unexpectedly & randomly), until I got the final one to complete the phrase along with the ring. I would never know how he would break up the phrase, or what the exact phrase that he would propose with would be.

Over the next year I received 5 plaques (making the phrase MELINA, WILL YOU MARRY ME). On Saturday, April 23, 2016 I received the last plaque, which said ‘ME’. Eric told me that we would be going out for dinner that night. So upon picking me up and on our way there, he mentioned that he would love to go on a quick walk together at one of the parks we usually go walking. As we got out of the car and got closer to the water and trail I noticed that there were 4 plaques hanging on the surrounding trees (the plaques that he had already given me so far). He had hung up the words ‘Melina will you marry,’ on 4 trees. As I approached the trees, he took my hand and turned me around to a bench, on which there was a wooden crate-like frame with the final plaque on it, that said ‘ME’.




Eric then got on one knee, pulled out the ring form his back pocket and asked me to be his wife that day. He said that he believed that God has called us ‘to fight the good fight’ and told me that there was no one else he would rather have along side of him to do that with than me. I was overwhelmed and so excited to confidently respond with a big ‘Yes’.

What has been your favorite experience planning the wedding?

Planning a wedding has had many parts that have been so much fun and exciting. If I had to pick just one, it would be the budgeting. I know this is unusual. I have found it so fulfilling to be able to set a goal and work together to save (month by month) so that we can ensure we accomplish our dream wedding. I have appreciated the discipline that it takes to continually remind each other of what our priority is right now – saving and planning our wedding!

How do you stay sane under the pressures of wedding planning?

I lead a very busy life in general. I am the Music & Arts Director at Whitby Christian Assembly, a wonderful church in Whitby. And on the side I travel and minister leading music and teaching workshops on worship. Part of my job requires planning various events and productions at the church. So you can imagine planning a wedding should come naturally, however it is yet another grand event to be planned. Eric has been so helpful in reminding me that this too will eventually come together. He is so supportive and often times reminds me of the bigger picture rather than stressing over all the little details (that may never come together perfectly). One of the best things I have learned to do recently is to trust that the same God who has gotten me through many challenging and busy seasons of my life so far, will help us stay sane throughout this wedding-planning season too! Eric and I are just taking it ONE-DAY at a time.



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