Winter weddings today are far from being all about sparkling white, winter wonderlands. Instead, they’re packing romance and drama: dark color palettes, ornate details, and candles — tons of candles. And once you’ve started dreaming about a darker and edgier winter wedding, it’s hard to stop. The possibilities are endlessly enchanting. So get out your faux fur cape and draw on some dark lipstick, because these decor and style ideas will inspire you to plan a moody winter wedding.

Table settings that set the mood

Take one look at a table setting, and you can determine the color palette and tone of a wedding. For a moody winter wedding, your color palette can be darker, usually letting black have a starring role. Forest green, burgundy, and plum also all look fantastic in a winter setting. If you are choosing deep, dark colors for your flowers and settings, consider pairing them with gold or rose gold cutlery to really heighten the glamour.

As for glassware, elegantly detailed cups and glasses, either clear or colored, will suit your romantic table. And, of course, you can never have enough candles.





winter wedding black and grey setting

White Ash Photography


Details that add drama

“It’s all in the details.” We hear it all the time. And the old adage couldn’t be truer when it comes to a moody winter wedding. To truly set your event apart, include details that are arresting and provocative. One way to do so is to choose the color black for wedding details that are not usually black, like the flowers, cake, and candles. For extra drama, buy tall black candlesticks and burn them down to different heights, letting the wax run freely down the sides.

Another way to add drama is to stage elegant pieces in an otherwise rustic setting. Set up a large gold frame draped in flowers against an exposed brick wall, or haul a grand piano out into the woods. Those surprising details will make your wedding feel like a fairy tale.



moody winter wedding cake

Kristina Childs Photography



Bonus: For your signature cocktail, choose a whiskey base. The smoky dark liquor will fit the mood and warm your guests from the inside out.

winter wedding whiskey drink

Summer Taylor Photography

Style that rounds out the romance

Like with the table setting and wedding details, your moody winter wedding is a great opportunity to opt for darker colors. You can go for a darker lip, darker suit, and darker dress. The chill of the season also calls for layering, especially for an outdoor wedding or photo shoot. Choose glamorous accessories like faux fur shawl or jacket to keep you feeling warm and looking fabulous.



winter wedding moody black dress

White Ash Photography via JuneBug Weddings








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