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An Online Wedding Planning Tool

by Kaiwalya Kher

The key idea behind building software, like any tool, is to make things easier, faster, and more efficient. A good wedding planning tool should automate chores and make cumbersome tasks less painful. It should also allow for creativity and personal expression—making planning an enjoyable experience.

The best software allows you to focus on the task at hand and not distract you with the tools. At Joy, this has been our singular focus from the start.

A wedding planning tool centered around communication and data management

At its heart, Joy is an online wedding planning tool centered around your wedding’s data.

This means that

  • Your guest list, invitations, schedules, RSVP questionnaires and your guests’ answers for those are all in the same place, for ease and so you can cross reference different pieces of information.
  • It means that your website and the app automatically update when you make changes in one place.
  • It means your planner, your caterer, and your guests can always be up to date by getting the latest information.
  • It means you can send an announcement to your guests instantly if plans change.

By letting your wedding data drive the conversation, everyone is automatically on the same page before, during, and after your wedding planning process and celebration. There are hundreds of ways in which having all your wedding information in a central location can help with planning.

Your caterer needs the total guest tally, with food preferences and food allergies.

Without using a wedding planning software: 

  1. Caterer calls you asking for this information, but you’re on the road.
  2. You say you will send them the Excel sheet as soon as you reach home.
  3. You reach home, look at guest-list-7-withchanges.xls and guest-list-7-new.xls and find the more recent one.
  4. You call up your planner to make sure you are looking at the right Excel sheet.
  5. You send this to your caterer.

With Joy:

  1. Caterer calls you asking for information.
  2. You give the caterer access to your wedding on Joy and send the link to your caterer.

You want to send out wedding invitations.

Without using a wedding planning software: 

  1. You search the Internet for wedding invitations and select a theme that matching your wedding.
  2. You collect all the guests’ addresses (after you labor through creating a guest list) by making phone calls and sending texts and emails.
  3. You order the invitations and buy postage (both to send, and for the RSVP return). They arrive. You crack open a bottle of wine and get to addressing all of the wedding invites.
  4. You send your wedding invitations, and wait for the responses to trickle in.
  5. You collect all of this data in an Excel spreadsheet.

With Joy:

  1. You decide to use our online wedding invitations that perfectly-match your wedding website and app.
  2. You collect emails from your guests and upload them via a .CSV into your Joy Guest List.
  3. You use our Invitation E-Cards to invite your guests. Their responses get automatically populated into your Guest List—food choices, +1s, hotel preferences, and more!
These are just a few ways an online wedding planning platform built for the singular purpose, making your wedding easier and less stressful, can help you out. To check out more cool Joy features, see the Joy features page or get started with your wedding planning by creating your own wedding on Joy.