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Inspiration » Relationship Advice » Affordable Holiday Dates for the Budget-Conscious Couple

Affordable Holiday Dates for the Budget-Conscious Couple

by Cathie Wigert
Affordable Holiday Dates for the Budget-Conscious Couple

Winter is that time of year when a lot of couples get engaged and we love it. Along with the excuse to stay inside and cuddle by a fire (or you know, a Netflix video of a fireplace), this season of love makes us so thankful to be in the business of helping couples plan their wedding.

But wedding planning can be costly. Between the engagement ring, save the dates, clothes, etc. etc. you may not have even seen the holiday season coming at you like a semi-truck. And now POW. Suddenly the holidays are upon us. Decorations, gifts, eating out, party dresses…this was not part of your initial wedding budget!

We feel ya and understand how winter can not only bring the perfect storm outside our windows, but the perfect storm of financial stress inside our wallets. This is why we’ve done some brainstorming on affordable holiday dates you and your partner can share this season without fearing the sound of crickets every time you look at your bank account.

Christmas Lights

People hang Christmas lights up all around town and then turn them on for us to enjoy fo’ free. You can take your honey to a tree lighting ceremony or explore some downtown streets at night. Stores and shopfronts love to impress potential-customers with fanciful window displays; try and find the best one. Or visit a nearby neighborhood that’s whimsically decorated and drive around with the holiday tunes cranked up.



You don’t have to be trained at Julliard to spread some musical joy. Gather a collection of friends and head out into the streets singing your favorite holiday songs. If you’re really looking to lift some spirits, get in touch with a local assisted living facility and inquire into caroling for their residents. You and your partner can reap the feel-good-endorphins from doing a good deed together while bringing light to others.

Cookie Decorating

Okay, we know you’ll have to purchase a few supplies for this one. But as far as date nights go, you can do this one on a pretty reasonable budget. Find an easy sugar cookie recipe, grab some frosting and sprinkles, and start decorating. You can turn on your favorite holiday movie in the background to amp up the festive spirit. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.


Playlist Swap

Are there a few holiday songs you just can’t live without? Does it not feel like Hanukkah or Christmas without listening to your favorite songs at least a hundred times? One of the best ways to introduce your partner to your holiday traditions is by creating a playlist of your favorite music. Plan an evening where the two of you can sit down and create your favorite-holiday-music-playlist and then share it with each other. Over the coming days you can listen to your partner’s playlist on the commute to the office, during a workout, or while at work.

We love making the wedding planning process a little easier for couples. We understand that your budget is important to you, which is why we offer free wedding websites. Let Joy help you through this special season of life so you can focus on a little more caroling and a lot more cookie’ing.

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