5 Wedding Photo Ideas that Truly Capture the Magic

    A great wedding photo album helps you relive your wedding day over and over again. But most wedding albums feel a little… cookie cutter. They primarily feature photos of those classic wedding moments and lots and lots of posed shots of the couple and their families. And they lack that special something — how it actually felt to be there that day.

    To avoid getting back a run-of-the-mill set of wedding photos requires some research and effort. The most important thing is to do is to be picky about your wedding photographer. Find someone whose work you love, and who you’re comfortable with. Then, once you’ve chosen, talk your photographer(s) about how you can best capture the magic of your wedding day. To help you start that conversation, here are some of our favorite wedding photo ideas that help you go beyond the basic.

    Take the big picture

    One perspective that’s missing from most wedding photo albums is an outside one. A photo taken from far away tells quite a different story than those taken from inside the event. Of course, not all wedding venues will lend themselves well to this kind of an image. But, if you’re interested, ask your photographers about capturing a birds-eye-view of your event or, even better, if they have access to a drone. (Just make sure to get sign-off from your wedding venue on using drones.)

    Don’t just capture the “pretty” moments

    A lot of wedding photo albums end up looking like polished photo shoots. But that means they’re missing some of the best parts of the wedding day. Some of those best moments aren’t glamorous, like when you ripped a tequila shot to cut your nerves before you walked down the aisle.

    To capture these moments your wedding photographers have to stay close. Tell your photographers you want to see some of the edgier candid moments reflected in your wedding album, along with those beautiful shots of you and bae at sunset.

    Catch all the details

    Most wedding photo albums include detail shots of the bride’s jewelry and the table settings, but there are so many other important details to the day (and every wedding is different). You might also want to capture the groom’s carefully chosen accessories, the gorgeous food, and the expertly crafted drinks. After so much time and effort planning, you deserve to see the details of the day immortalized.

    And some of the best details aren’t planned at all. Like a note your partner left for you on the mirror the morning of, or a close-up of Mom squeezing Dad’s hand while you exchange your vows.

    Note that taking images of the details require additional time and preparation from your photographers. So make sure to discuss it with them and your planner, and be ready to pay a little more.

    Take a detour

    Wedding days fly by notoriously fast. One way to get the most of it? Be spontaneous.

    If your wedding schedule has some flexibility to it, take your love show on the road to somewhere unexpected. (Consider doing this even if your wedding schedule isn’t flexible. Because, hey, it’s your day.) The idea of deviating from the tight schedule of the day might make you break out in hives, but try to be open to the unexpected. The unplanned moments are often the most memorable ones.

    And, make sure your photographer comes along with you everywhere, so they don’t miss that unexpected trip to In-and-Out before the reception.

    Seek out the small moments too

    Most wedding albums focus on the big moments on the wedding day: the first kiss, cake cutting, the first dance. But there is just as much magic in those millions of small moments that fill in the spaces between. If you want your photographers to capture those small moments, you’ll probably need to hire a photography team instead of a single individual. That way, in that moment of anticipation before the bride walks down the aisle, one photographer can set up by the groom, and the other can capture the wide, expectant eyes of the flower girl.

    Bonus: Let your guests be the photographers

    Another great way to relive your wedding day is to see it unfold through the eyes of your guests. Wedding apps like Joy help you do just that. Joy lets your guests upload their photos to an album that’s dedicated to your wedding day. That way, you don’t have to miss out on any of the precious and fleeting moments of the day, like when your Dad did the worm while you were saying goodbye to Aunt May.






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