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Invite All Your Guests With Ease!

by Clare Monahan
Invite All Your Guests With Ease!

We know that wedding guest lists can be a serious headache. Somehow you’re supposed to keep track of names, contact information, plus-ones, food allergies, RSVPs, seating preferences, and whatever other random details your wedding planner has insisted on knowing. We’ve talked to lots of brides- and grooms-t0-be and discovered that the most common way people manage this is by creating a spreadsheet (or five) to keep track of the all necessary details. Good news! Now you can use your spreadsheet to upload your guest list to Joy.


All you have to do is make sure that your spreadsheet is configured correctly and press a button. Your guest spreadsheet probably has lots of details (and columns) for each guest, but Joy only needs your guests’ names and emails. Just make sure that your name and email columns are labeled by either of the two formats below:

name and email



first name, last name, and email



Make sure that you are starting with the first row and first column in the spreadsheet. We’ve found that some couples accidentally start their list in other cells – this could cause formatting issues when you go to import the list.


After the spreadsheet is all set, you’ll want to save it as a “.csv” file. You’ll see this option when you click “Save As.”

If you are on a Mac, saving as a .csv file should look something like this: 


If you are on a PC, saving as a .csv file should look more like this:


Now for the easy part: to upload the spreadsheet and start a master “invite list”- first navigate to your dashboard and click “invite guests.”


Next, click the “add” button in the lower right-hand corner of your “Guests to Invite” screen. Two options will appear. The icon with the image of a person allows you to invite guests individually. Click the spreadsheet icon to begin your guest list import.

 You’ll be brought to an instructional page like the one shown above. Click the “Import Guest List” button and choose your .csv file.


That’s it! You should see your guests listed on your invites page. Now, you can edit your invite message, or click “send invite to guests” to invite your guests to your wedding on Joy!


What else can we do to make creating your wedding easier? What was the hardest part of creating your guest list? Tell us everything on Facebook, Twitter or in the comment section below.

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