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Inspiration » Proposal Story » Joy Proposal Story: Allison & Wyatt

Joy Proposal Story: Allison & Wyatt

by Cali Pitchel

Wyatt and Allison first met online. At the time Wyatt was working as a full time Physical Therapist and Allison was in school for Naturopathic Medicine, but despite their busy schedules, they were both intrigued enough to make a little time to meet up at a local bar. Allison chose a table near the TVs so Wyatt could watch March Madness, but turns out it wasn’t necessary. Wyatt couldn’t take his eyes off of Allison. They chatted for hours over a bottle of wine—three years and many adventures later, Wyatt and Allison are tying the knot!


Give us the details! When? Where? How?

Wyatt planned out the proposal for months. He rented a private wood boat and scheduled a sunset boat cruise with champagne and snacks. We had spent the day roaming around Paris, going to museums and relaxing. We even put our names on a love lock that day. We ended the evening with the boat cruise, and he proposed with the sunset and Eiffel Tower in the background. It was a sunny fall day, I couldn’t have asked for anything more romantic!


What has been your favorite experience planning the wedding?

We have planned our wedding for 2018, so we have plenty of time to pick out details and make it less stressful.  We already booked our venue for the waterfront, and I am excited to have out of town guests come in for a mini-destination wedding.  I hope it will be a fun and relaxing weekend on the water, with sunsets, and paddle boarding and kayaking.

How do you stay sane under the pressures of wedding planning?

It has be easy for me because there is so much time.  I am also booking a venue that takes care of most of the details already: the catering, linens, setup, tables, the ceremony and reception site, it is almost all done!


What was your favorite part of using Joy for your wedding?

I like the easy access for details that guests can use. Also, how many different tabs there are for information, especially with how many out of town guests we will be having.


At Joy we believe that even though a wedding lasts a day, joy should last forever. What does that mean to you?

Joy forever to me means, waking up each day and remembering what you are thankful for in each moment.  It means being happy with what you have, and really enjoying each moment spent together.  We try to do this each day through activities and time spent together, as well as taking our time planning the wedding.  We aren’t only looking forward to one day together, but the new life we will begin from that day forward!


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