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Inspiration » sarah anne photography » Joy Proposal Story: Audrey & Pat

Joy Proposal Story: Audrey & Pat

by Kelsey Vickers
Joy Proposal Story: Audrey & Pat

Give us the proposal details! When? Where? How?

Audrey had a couple of friends in town from her home state of Michigan over the weekend and they were planning to go to Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo Friday night. When Pat got home from work he brought a few really nice bottles of champagne home with him. Audrey thought it was a nice gesture since her friends were visiting. Low and behold, the champagne was actually for post-proposal celebrations! Pat asked if he could tag along to Zoo Lights with the girls that night and they said yes. After walking around the zoo for about an hour, Pat suggested that they walk outside of the zoo by the honeycomb structure in Lincoln Park, which has a great view of the city skyline. Pat had told Audrey’s friends just minutes before that he was going to propose. Audrey’s friends let Pat walk under the honeycomb structure alone with Audrey and that is when Pat popped the question. Audrey responded with, “Are you serious?!” and then followed with, “Yes!”.

Rachel Loewen Photography

What has been your favorite experience planning the wedding?

The best part of wedding planning has been the little milestones we’ve stopped to appreciate along the way. A few of our favorites have been the caterer and cake tasting, getting RSVP cards back in the mail from loved ones, and going to city hall to get our marriage license together.

How do you stay sane under the pressures of wedding planning?

We’ve been able to stay sane by taking a step back to look at the big picture when we’re stuck on details and by reminding ourselves what really matters at the end of the day. We found out almost immediately that wedding planning is not only a big time commitment but a big financial commitment. This can lead to a lot of stress, especially if you’re planning a wedding in a big city where prices are at a premium! We’ve tried to prioritize items in our budget that would make for a good party for guests versus spending a lot on the little extras, which add up quickly. At the end of the day, you should never lose sight that you’re preparing for marriage during your engagement and not just planning a really fun party that lasts a single day.

Rachel Loewen Photography

What is your favorite part of using Joy for your wedding?

We absolutely love how the website looks! It looks like you made your own custom website when in reality you uploaded a few pictures, picked a layout, and font options. The customization and design is incredible. It looks modern, whereas a lot of other wedding websites look dated. We would highly recommend Joy to any newly engaged couple!

What piece of advice would you give couples to ensure that they use Joy to its fullest potential?

We recommend that you utilize all of the features that are offered! Joy did an amazing job with creating an easy to use, all-encompassing wedding website.

Rachel Loewen Photography

At Joy we believe that even though a wedding lasts a day, joy lasts forever. What does that mean to you?

Your wedding lasts a day, but your marriage lasts forever. Everything that you do from wedding planning, throughout your wedding day, and long thereafter, should be done with joy!

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