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Inspiration » sarah anne photography » Joy Proposal Story: Kai & Lindsey

Joy Proposal Story: Kai & Lindsey

by Kelsey Vickers

Give us the proposal details! When? Where? How?

Kai surprised me by secretly inviting 25 of our friends and family to Rehobeth Beach, DE. What I thought was going be a quiet dinner at a secluded beach-side restaurant, turned into a joyous engagement party. Kai screenshot our early conversations on the dating app we met on. He had our friend Heather and my brother Brad read them out loud to all of our friends and family! He even made an official “Playbill” filling in the cast of characters and all. Too clever! I was so surprised!


What has been your favorite experience planning the wedding?

Traveling together to Utah to visit potential venues. This will be a destination wedding for our entire family. We had a blast meeting with so many of the potential vendors!


How do you stay sane under the pressures of wedding planning?

Wine! A lot of it.

What is your favorite part of using Joy for your wedding?

The ease of setup and ability to collaborate together. Lindsey and I would sometimes be on the phone with each other updating the site during our lunch breaks at work. I love that I can edit one part of the website and she can edit another at the same time. The app is a huge plus now that everyone is always on their smartphones! We also love that it’s so user-friendly. Our guests can scroll through a single page that holds all of the major wedding details.



What piece of advice would you give couples to ensure that they use Joy to its fullest potential?

Take your time and be complete. Your friends and family are going to have a hundred questions leading up to the wedding! Joy makes it possible to answer almost all of them in a fun, engaging place where you can share your love story.

At Joy we believe that even though a wedding lasts a day, joy lasts forever. What does that mean to you?

Joy is having a person to be your forever, to share your life with, who understands and appreciates you and your memories.

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