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Joy Proposal Story: Whimsy Soul

by Cali Pitchel

Kara runs the ever-popular fashion, travel, and lifestyle blog, Whimsy Soul. She’s cheese-loving, Wisconsin-born, San Francisco resident, sharing her daily inspiration for where to go, what to where, and how to look and feel like a badass, powerful woman doing it. She recently got engaged (you can read the full story here!), so we asked her for all the details, how she stays sane during wedding planning, and what’s on her honeymoon packing list.


Give us all the details! Who, what, when, where?

It was utterly unexpected. We’ve talked about marriage for years and have been on the same page. Last year my mother gave Robin my great-grandmother’s diamond ring, and he has been sitting on it for that entire time—so at that point I wasn’t on edge waiting for a proposal. The girls and I have been planning together for a girl’s night, so that evening I headed over to the East Bay to promptly blast 90s music, eat nachos and drink way too much wine. My friends had no idea Robin was going to propose that day. If they did, I’m sure they would have stopped me from drinking at least a bottle of wine by myself!


One of my sober friends drove me home, and I rolled up to my apartment door around midnight to find a note taped to it. Being tired and still tipsy, I skimmed the three page note from Robin. If I actually read it throughly I would have probably understood it was a I’m-about-to-propose kinda note versus a love note. I walk in, the lights are dimmed and I find a big bouquet of roses on the kitchen counter, but I still didn’t put it together (wine). It wasn’t until I rounded the corner to the living room when I found Robin all dressed up holding a rose that it started to click about what was happening. I think I blurted out “YES!” before he even finished asking.

It was funny, cute, low key and perfect.

What has been your favorite experience planning the wedding so far? Who have you recruited to help with the details?

Well, we’ve been engaged less than two months, but we’re planning a wedding for September 16th of this year – so I’ve been starting to get to work already! I used to do wedding photography for about 7 years, so my favorite part of planning is finally putting all those little tips I’ve collected through the year to use!

How do you stay sane under the pressures of wedding planning? Netflix binge? A hike on the coast? Wine? Chocolate? (We’re not judging.)

Wine always helps any situation! I’ve haven’t had too much trouble yet, but I just started planning.

You run a fashion and lifestyle blog, Whimsy Soul, so we know you have your finger on the pulse of what’s cool. What are you loving right now as far as wedding trends?

Non-traditional weddings are my favorite, and I’m so happy they are becoming the norm. I think the access to social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram help a lot. June weddings in a church, chicken for dinner and first dances used to be the recipe for every wedding, but now couples are feeling empowered to “do them” on their wedding day. In our case, we’re getting married outside and instead of chicken, we’re having about 15 different types of pizzas because that’s “us.”


If you could describe your own wedding style in one sentence, what would it be?

Boho chic! Lace, string lights and string lights for days.

We love your philosophy on fashion and body type. What advice do you have for brides of all shapes and sizes as they shop for their wedding dresses?

Try on a lot of dresses and bring at least one honest friend. Women tend to tell the bride she looks amazing in everything when she is trying on dresses (can’t offend the bride!) but you need one honest friend to say “Look, I know you like that mermaid dress, but it doesn’t flatter your shape as well. I really loved that Aline dress because it highlights all your best features.”

You photographed weddings for six years—what can’t-miss moments do you want your wedding photographer to capture?

As a former wedding photographer, I know it’s important to come into wedding day without a laundry list of “moments” or photos I want captured. Let your photographer do what she does best and she’ll capture all the moments you didn’t even realize are happening. And those are the best ones.

Every bride knows the phrase, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” How will you incorporate tradition into your special day?

I would say I’m a pretty untraditional bride, but my engagement ring was passed down from my great-grandmother, so that’s my little piece of history.

We’re especially fond of your travel posts. Where will you honeymoon? And what are your must-have honeymoon wardrobe and travel items?

Thank you! It’s still early and nothing is set in stone, but we’re planning on a little European tour: Ireland, UK, Germany to catch Oktoberfest and ending in Paris. We’re love travel vs. vacationing, so this is right up our alley. I think some must have items will be some beautiful dresses. You have to feel like a queen on your honeymoon!


At Joy we believe that even though a wedding lasts a day, joy lasts forever. What does that mean to you?

You know, we decided it was important for us to have an actual wedding instead of eloping (though about that for a hot second) because both of our families are back in the midwest, far away from San Francisco. We’re sort of isolated and we didn’t want to get married in isolation either – we want our wedding day to be a moment where everyone important to use can come together from across the country and celebrate. I think that’s the joy of weddings, the community of family and friends.

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